Welcome the New Year, work together to make a new chapter

2022-07-06 0 By

The year of the Ox is full of glory, and the year of the Tiger welcomes the rich spring. In this beautiful season of renewal, we gather together to carry out the practice of civilization in the new era, “the warmth of winter” series of activities —- “Welcome the New Year with joy and make concerted efforts to make a new chapter”.This activity is jointly carried out by the General Party branch and village committee of Yuanzhuang Village in Jiangsu Hai ‘an, new era Civilization Practice Station, Jiangsu Zhenqiang Machinery Technology Co., LTD., Nantong Xiexing Machinery Co., LTD., Haian Jianming Textile Factory, Huji Street Culture Station, Yuanzhuang Village Working Committee and Yuanzhuang Village dance team.Activities in variegated silks dance “the good luck to every day,” kicked off, the performance content the lantern dancing merrily merrily, clapper talk to respect love speak filial piety support, hat to dance “dongting my home in the eight hundred”, rap performance the shoeshine, sketch “haian dialect old man”, Tibetan dance “youth play step” and so on various forms and rich in content, was deeply loved by the villagers.In 2021, With the strong support of leaders at all levels and enterprises under the jurisdiction, Yuanzhuang Village has achieved excellent performance.In 2022, Yuanzhuang Village will continue to do a good job, always follow the Party, forge ahead on a new journey, and take practical actions to meet the 20th victory of the Party.(Zhu Min) Editor in charge: Wang Wei