Additional order for 18!J10 performance surprises Pakistan, Indian commander: big trouble now

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According to the Itar-Tass news agency on February 14, Pakistan announced recently that it is considering an additional order for 18 J-10C fighter jets.The CAPABILITIES of the J-10C have been refined by Pakistan, which feels it is necessary to order more to counter the threat of advanced Indian aircraft.The Indian commander said he was in big trouble.India is buying rafale jets at around $240m each, with similar capabilities but at a much cheaper price, making it hard for India to compete.Pakistan recently announced plans to order an additional 18 J-10C fighters, bringing the total to 54.The J-10C uses turbofan-10 modified engines, has powerful power and advanced avionics, and is equipped with advanced air combat and ground-to-sea strike weapons. It is capable of carrying out a variety of missions with very advanced performance.In addition, Chinese enterprises have strong production capacity and can deliver goods quickly to meet the urgent needs of Pakistan.Pakistan has been pleasantly surprised by the performance of the J-10C, and if Pakistan was looking to buy US-made F-16s before, it may be more willing to buy more j-10CS now.The J-10C is an advanced three-and-a-half-generation fighter jet that, combined with the Pl-15 air-to-air missile and advanced phased array radar system, can threaten enemy aircraft at longer distances.Rafale imported from India is also very advanced in performance, but due to the limitation of nose cross-sectional area, rafale’s passive phased array radar system lags far behind the J-10C in performance.The Rafale purchased by India is also not equipped with advanced air-to-air missiles, and the J-10C will have a clear advantage in the event of an air battle between the two.If Pakistan also buys 36 J10Cs, India and Pakistan will have the same number of advanced fighters of the same type. But if Pakistan continues to order 18 J10Cs, Pakistan will also have a lead in the number of advanced fighters, and India will be under great pressure.New Delhi: India will be in big trouble as Pakistan buys more J-10C fighters, the iAF chief believes.Judging from the results of the air war between India and Pakistan, the training level of The Pakistani army is very good, and Pakistan is equipped with more superior performance fighters, which will pose a great threat to the Indian Air Force.The composition of Pakistan’s fighter jets is also superior to that of the Indian Air Force. Pakistan is able to produce its own JF-17 jets, equipped with advanced avionics. The PERFORMANCE of jF-17 Block3 is already very advanced, and the number of jF-17 Block3 jets is large.The J-10C is more advanced and cheaper to purchase.If India wants to maintain its air superiority, it needs to import more advanced fighters at a higher cost. Rafale has already been purchased for $240 million. Can India really afford to buy more fighters?By working closely with The Chinese, Pakistan has established an advantage over the Indian Air Force with less power and less cost, at least in terms of technological level.For India, an arms race with Pakistan is not really just Pakistan, because Pakistan is backed by China.For any advanced weapons India buys from the international market, Pakistan can get the same type of weapons from China at a lower price. The result is a stronger India, but it has never been able to establish absolute superiority over Pakistan.