Zhaowuda South Road Wanhao Community new era civilization practice station to clean up small advertising renovation work

2022-07-05 0 By

In order to strengthen the area of environmental health, beautify the appearance of the city, and strive to create a clean and tidy living environment, on the afternoon of April 6, The New era civilization practice station of Marriott Community, Zhaowuda South Road Street, carried out cleaning up small advertisements in the area.Known as “urban psoriasis,” the ads can be seen on residential hallways, telephone poles, bus stops and the ground.This is not only the “stumbling block” of health environment, there are misleading, fraud and other security risks, so that the majority of citizens who do not know the truth suffer from it, but also feel disgusted and disgusted.Therefore, we want to say “no!” to small advertising.During the activity, marriott community staff carefully removed the small advertisements on the doors of shops and residential corridors one by one, so that there is no hiding from the small advertisements.Through this activity, the living environment of the community has been significantly improved. In the next step, Marriott Community New Era Civilization Practice Station will conduct irregular inspection of the environment in the community to form a long-term mechanism.Future Weather Trends