The programmers on Tiktok gave me a laugh

2022-07-05 0 By

I’m sure you’ve seen short videos of a so-called programmer sitting in front of a computer, looking into the camera and saying, “Show you a few lines of code.”, followed by super rhythm of the background music sounded, I saw the programmer in the computer desktop right-click a new TXT file, pasted a few lines of code, then save, rename, double-click to run.Sure enough, a terminal has a cool “code waterfall”, wow, the Matrix effect all over the screen.Some of the videos have hundreds of thousands of likes, and the comments section is filled with comments like “Oh my God, awesome.”However, as soon as programmers with some experience in writing code saw this video, they must have cut out a room with their feet on the spot, and then fixed their eyes on it, and immediately appeared “subway old man looking at mobile phone.jpg”.Aren’t those lines of broken code in the video just using commands to traverse the directory that outputs all the files?And some video is more outrageous, in the TXT paste code and wrong, but the effect of running out of the same zha Zha whoop.This is not a good programmer, this is a good editor.But you also don’t say, such SAO operation really attracted many small white come to worship, and their set is very simple: “is not very fierce? Want to learn? To private letter I ah, this tells you leek self-cultivation is what kind of.”This is not the most cola place, but the video of people do not know how to confidence, the “arrangement” these two words said so majestic, in the open TXT moment contrast is really a little big, I really admire, almost urine.But still want to remind these marketing numbers, the next time to copy code a little attention, do not accidentally similar to “sudo rm -rf/*” command used to do the effect, is also a point of merit.It’s not just a few lines of code that a programmer can implement. Some of the lines of code shown in the video are just references to other library files that are actually implemented.For programmers, although they can also use the “copy solution”, but they are not just knock code, most of the time, they need to constantly learning new techniques to improve themselves, they solve the problem, every day in implementation requirements, sometimes is not their own want 996, but is must solve the problems.It is also through their own problem to solve the moment, they are happy like a more than 200 pounds of fool.I think it’s the constant improvement of themselves, the sense of accomplishment that comes from fulfilling their own needs, and even the selfless sharing of their solutions, that’s what makes them happy.In fact, it is sometimes quite magical to think about the world of the Internet. Some bloggers make careful programming tutorial videos, explaining how to implement the code in detail, but the result is not much play, or some people watch a few eyes and then delete.But the marketing number through the template of the production of rough video, by a lot of attention and pursuit.Sure they have something to learn, but shouldn’t there be a line in the sand?As I write here, I suddenly realize that all kinds of short videos are emerging in an endless stream, and we are also ignorant of anything outside our professional field.There is no lack of some marketing number also through packaging, to create a lofty person in a specific field of talk.If you don’t know much about him in the video, you might be better off reserving some skepticism and checking more dimensions before listening to him.Handsome B and his friends follow, handsome B’s friends +1.Hello, I am small handsome B, all the way has been doing some have no, such as: write some code, write some articles, do some small business.293 original content public account (go in to send “handsome book” have surprise)