The 2022 Mercedes-benz E-Class was officially launched, with 2.0T+258 horses +9AT, and 438,100 BMW 5-series cars

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Domestic car market, than ever, it can be said that everyone’s quality of life have greatly improved, and in such a trend, the broad masses of consumers begin to pursue spiritual needs, even the car is also begin to pay close attention to luxury cars, of course, speaking of cars, would have had to mention ashkenazi BBA, in domestic very brand strength, today will bring you one,The 2022 Mercedes-benz E-Class, the 2022 Mercedes-Benz E-Class officially launched, 2.0t +258 +9AT, 438,100 give up BMW 5 series!So how does the 2022 E-Class fare on all fronts?We together and see it, first in terms of shape, appearance level on the building of annual change models as Benz, overall modelling is basically the continuation of the old design, looks so atmospheric pretend bility, former face, USES a Mercedes family-based design concept, whether it’s banner stand BiaoBan, or all over the sky star type sports section,Cooperate on both sides of the eye-catching LED headlight, brand identification is still so to force, body side, as a whole is very atmospheric noble, elegant lines, of course, cooperate through three-dimensional waist line before and after, and also brought the strong scent of dynamic, tail same atmospheric modelling, the design of the full, cooperate nabla tail light, walking down the street very reveal the administrative levels, respectively, the dimensions of new car5078/1860/1490mm, wheelbase reached 3079mm.Into the interior, interior building high, in the same level BBA models, personal feel Mercedes best, brand new Mercedes e-class is no exception, the grade of the overall showed a very strong feeling, not the kui is a line of cars, the vehicle is using a large number of cortical materials carefully package, also joined the ornament of wood decorative board, metal material, not only comfortable sit inside,Also appears relatively young and fashionable, at the same time, the 12.3-inch double screen design, with the personality of the air conditioning air outlet, all the time in the exudes high-tech sense, of course, the new car configuration is greatly enhanced, very humane.As for motivation, still carrying a new car, divided into high and low power 2.0 T turbocharged engine, transmission system, matching is all 9 at the gearbox, a maximum 197 horsepower and 258, respectively 320, 370), peak torque, blessing, coupled with the standard all-wheel-drive system dynamic performance is still strong.It is worth mentioning that the 2022 model, despite many upgrades in configuration, is a little cheaper than the old model, starting at 438,100 yuan. What is the BMW 5 Series?Well, that’s all for today. Leave your comments and see you next time!