Shishi clothing city south of the regional planning program publicity, south development has been to the jinjiang border

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On January 25, the official website of Shishi City government published the planning results of Jiazengzhai Area of Shishi City before approval.The plan was reviewed by experts in October last year, and the public will be open for 30 days from January 26, 2022 to February 25, 2022, for written comments and suggestions by fax, email or letter.In recent years, shishi city south area of the real estate is relatively better to sell, the preparation of the planning plan means that shishi city continues to develop southward.Jiatengzhai area is located in the south side of Shishi Clothing City, and jinjiang City yonghe town, Longhu town adjacent, the planning scope has reached the border with Jinjiang, can be said to the southwest area of the urban area can use the land are clear use.Comparing planning drawings and satellite maps, we can see that this large area south of Shishi Clothing City is mainly classified as class II residential land and class II industrial land.An industrial park on the south side of the Garment City passenger station will be retained, the original textile and garment factories will continue to exist, and the land south of the industrial zone to the border of Jinjiang will be developed.In the future, the existing hillside green farmland will be expropriated, bounded by the extension of Nanyang Road, with residential land to the east and logistics, storage and industrial land to the west.It can be seen that Shishi is still determined to develop manufacturing industry, and the new industrial park here will create a large number of jobs in the future.The two residential land covers an area of about 170.5 mu, with a plot ratio of no more than 3.0 and a height limit of 80 meters. It is expected that the land will be auctioned and a kindergarten will be built in the future.In addition, it is worth paying attention to that in the east side of Kishun Park and the south side of lingxiu Town Science park public rental housing, there is a funeral land covering an area of about 5.6 mu. The existing buildings can be seen from the satellite map, so it should continue to remain.