Near the beginning of school, two college students mountaineering expedition lost contact

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Recently, the yunnan qujing city luoping county fire rescue brigade in 54 points received 110 turn 19 o ‘clock p two college students lost as we have learned, two people on the same day at noon climb mount ash, sightseeing adventure after the cell phone battery is lost family members emotional firefighters immediately to rescue learned, ash high cliffs and steep, deep valley Lin, is fraught with risk, easy to hang out the snake, and no natural way;The large temperature difference between morning and night, the low temperature at night and the short visual distance added to the difficulty of rescue efforts.Fire rescue personnel according to the actual situation, developed a detailed rescue plan, began to all-out search and rescue.By 23:31 on the same day, search and rescue temporarily failed, rescue forces returned to the staging point for resupply.At the same time, comprehensive command center intelligence analysis and the latest search and rescue progress, the scene to re-establish the commandos, delimit the core area, under the guidance of 2 guides, from the valley to the top of the mountain, start a new round of search and rescue on foot.They used machetes, shovels and other tools to open up rescue channels, and continued to search through manual propaganda, sound and light positioning, and infrared search by unmanned aerial vehicles.Finally, at 1:09 a.m. the next morning, firefighters successfully found two missing persons (their vital signs were stable). At 2:10 a.m., two college students returned to the original way with the fire rescue personnel after being fully supplied with water, food, warm clothes and other materials, and the rescue operation was successfully completed.According to statistics, the search area reached about 225 square kilometers.Asahi tips outdoor sports must be fully prepared do not blindly ahead