Mourinho erupts again!Publicly angry with the referee, satire Serie A play not football

2022-07-05 0 By

Round 24 of Serie A is set to be the talk of the town as Jose mourinho’s roma face relegation strugglesgenoa.The game was mourinho’s 100th in charge and a victory would tie Him with Italy’s Antonio Conte for the most wins in his first 100 serie A games.However, having played a man extra for most of the second half, Roma failed to capitalise and were held to a goalless draw by Genoa, which earned them a point.But for the draw, Mourinho was very dissatisfied, because the end of the game before roma a goal, was the referee to blow away!It was in the 89th minute, roma were attacking upfield, zaniolo had the ball in the penalty area and had chosen to get away laterally.Caught off guard, Genoa goalkeeper Sirigu struggled to make a save but could not prevent the ball from hitting the net to give Roma the lead.However, as roma players celebrated their hard-earned goal, the referee did not allow the goal to stand.After being alerted to the VAR video by the referee, he went to the sidelines to review the video and changed his decision. He decided that Roma striker Abraham had trampled on the ball earlier, so the goal was not allowed.The decision infuriated the Roma players, who protested, and the referee showed the scorer a straight red card for offensive language.However, replays showed that the decision was controversial as Abraham had no intention of committing a foul, but stepped on his opponent’s foot on his way to the ball.At the time, the referee also ruled that Abraham had not committed a foul, but after roma scored the goal, it was inevitable that the referee was targeting roma.To this, Mourinho is also very dissatisfied.”We didn’t score because the goal was disallowed,” he fumed after the match.I don’t want to comment on that decision, it can be interpreted differently by different people, but if you think it’s the right decision, it’s not a good game.If it is a foul then it is not football and we have to give it another name because it is not football.”Mourinho also took a swipe at the referee, saying: “If the referee admits it was a mistake and denied us a good goal, he is the one who should be disappointed.This is a familiar situation for roma, it has happened to us many times this season.Maybe in the eyes of those in power, roma are small. I don’t want to say much about that. I am a different person than I was seven months ago.”