Happy New Year!Beitong and the Olympic champion are happy New Year to you macaroni

2022-07-05 0 By

Time flies flies like water, the anticipated Year of Yin Tiger will soon come!On this New Year’s Eve, in addition to the Auspicious Tiger New Year, which is homonym for “fortune” and “wealth”, there are also the Beijing Winter Olympic Games which will be held on February 4th and attract worldwide attention.The two joy overlapping each other, this double joy brought more and more joy, it can be described as a double happiness!In order to send sincere New Year wishes to all the macaroni fans who care about and support Beitong, wish our grand Beijing Winter Olympics a complete success and Chinese athletes can achieve great achievements in the Olympic Games beitong and Olympic champions send sincere New Year wishes to all of you!On this occasion of national celebration, Thongge also wished everyone peace, joy, family reunion and good health throughout the Year of the Tiger.In addition, in order to thank the vast number of macaroni fans for their support and encouragement in the past year, Beitong has customized wechat red envelope cover for fans and friends. The number is limited, first come first served!New Year’s greetings too many network cards/eating a reunion dinner missed the cover of the red envelope?It doesn’t matter!Leave your expectation/most anticipated new product/favorite beitong handle in the comment section of this article and have a chance to receive the Wechat Red envelope cover of Beitong Year of the Tiger!In the following year of Yin tiger, we should continue to support The North oh!