Great Progress of Snow and ice Sports in China

2022-07-05 0 By

When Xu Mingfu, a Member of the Chinese alpine skiing team, crossed the finish line in the men’s downhill race, China made a historic breakthrough in alpine skiing.When Jin Boyang of the Chinese figure skating team completed the men’s singles free skating competition, he also achieved a breakthrough: a new personal season high score in free skating……At the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, the Chinese athletes achieved a breakthrough one by one, showing the fighting spirit, let people see the great progress of China’s ice and snow sports.A breakthrough can mean many things.Winning gold and silver, breaking records, is a breakthrough;Stepping on the field and competing with the masters is also a breakthrough;To conquer and surpass oneself is also a breakthrough.Every breakthrough made by the athletes on the field is a concrete practice of the Olympic spirit and a vivid interpretation of the character of unremitting self-improvement. It will inspire more people to forge ahead and achieve new breakthroughs and help the development of ice and snow sports.Every time WE move forward, we make great progress.Every breakthrough, condensation of countless sweat.Fan Duoyao, the first Chinese bobsled player to set foot on the track of the Winter Olympics and finish the race successfully, has been training hard for many years, but now he has “his own first”.Chinese halfpipe snowboarder CAI Xuetong “trained very frequently and practiced many sets a day” in preparation for the Beijing Winter Olympics, and finally broke her highest ranking in the winter Olympics.Their story proves once again that every effort should be recognized and every breakthrough should be applauded.Struggle, not only in the field, but also outside the field.(Shi Ling) People’s Daily (February 12, 2022 edition 01)