The four-cylinder Ford Focus arrived as promised but isn’t it a little too late?

2022-07-04 0 By

Recently, ford’s new Focus application map was exposed on the website of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. From the published information, the new Focus still provides hatchback and three-hatchback models, and the appearance has been improved to a certain extent. The most important thing is that the medium and high models will replace the previous 1.5T four-cylinder engine with 1.5T three-cylinder machine.The new car is expected to be released and available later this year.In terms of appearance, the new model is adjusted compared with the 2021 model, and the front intake grille area of the hatchback version is larger, through both sides of the headlights, while the headlights and hub and other positions have been “black” processing, adding a sports atmosphere of the vehicle;Smaller changes were made to the three-box model, with the main changes concentrated in the grille and bumper areas.The new Focus in the rear of the 2021 model changes less, mainly in the exhaust pipe area has changed, the new hatchback and three-hatchback models are using hidden exhaust design, visual effect is not as good as the old model exposed (hatchback) and bumper integral (hatchback).In addition to the regular model, the new Focus will also feature an ST Line high-performance style, as well as an S EDITION, both of which will feature larger 18-inch wheels and Michelin PS4 high-performance tires, which will feature fly-ups on top of them for individuality.Motivation, according to the published engine type, the new fox uniform for the 1.5 T four-cylinder engine everybody is not strange, it was by mondeo and escape the 1.5 T engine, probably because 6 emissions standards, subject to the maximum power of the engine is reduced before, of 130 kw (177 HP),Transmission will be matched with an 8-speed automatic transmission, and the final match between the old 1.5T engine and the new 8AT transmission will be the focus of attention.After found three cylinder abuses and affect sales, already there are rumours that fox would change four-cylinder engine, changan ford did not change with 2021 model conveniently when being introduced four-cylinder models, is a year, now as a new type and civic models such as heat, people may already forget the strong level once the compact sports car.At present, the three-cylinder Fox has a big discount in the terminal. In fact, in terms of comprehensive performance, the three-cylinder machine may not lose to the old four-cylinder machine. If you can overcome your own psychology and others’ discussion, the cash Fox is also a good choice at this time.