The first 22 village-level signs of “tian Chief system” were set up in Zhengpugang New Area

2022-07-04 0 By

On February 16, the reporter learned from Zhengpugang New Area that the first batch of 22 village-level signs of “field chief system” were set up in 22 administrative villages and communities under the jurisdiction of Baiqiao town and Mu Qiao Town, marking that the local farmland has been “guardian” since then.It is understood that the billboard clearly indicates the arable land and permanent basic farmland area, as well as the name, position, contact information and job responsibilities of the head of the new district, town and village, as well as the arable land distribution map and supervision telephone number.The establishment of “field chief system” public sign can facilitate the public to find problems timely feedback report, give full play to the supervision of the whole people.By clarifying the identity of the field chief and clarifying the job responsibilities, it is more conducive to promoting the field chief at all levels to fulfill their duties and responsibilities, so that the masses can fully understand the work requirements and content of the implementation of the “field chief system”, and jointly participate in the supervision of farmland and permanent basic farmland protection.Next, Zheng Pu port district will strengthen the town and village (community) and the relevant functional departments coordination linkage effect, by establishing and perfecting the responsibility to implement, evaluation system of rewards and punishments, etc., common to carry out the supervision responsibility, realize the cultivated land protection from “a” to “pipe”, initially formed “, longitudinal transverse to the edge, complete coverage of grid, “the new pattern of cultivated land protection regulation.