Lobular rosewood bonsai is good to raise easy to live, not afraid of dry not afraid of freezing, meaning is good, suitable for home maintenance

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Now there are a lot of people tend to amass possessions, some people like to collect all kinds of strange stones, some people like to collect some ancient calligraphy treasures, and still others are particularly fond of woodcarving work, actually now woodcarving work in our lives is also very widely used, many families will also use it as a decoration inside, can improve the landscape of the whole space.When it comes to wood, actually for carving, wood choice is very important, first of all must be very hard, followed by its texture is very good-looking, including properties are very stable, among numerous woodcarving work, actually the most expensive most admired or lobular rosewood, red sandalwood has always been more noble varieties, and lobular red sandalwood are among the best in all of red sandalwood.Lobular rosewood, the name for all of us are very familiar, because most of the time it will be carved into all kinds of furniture, such as table stools and so on, will certainly put it carved decorations at home on the shelf, looks very show class, at the same time as jewelry, lobular rosewood also are of great use.Now many people especially like hand string, and lobular red sandalwood is one of the best choice, because it is very hard, color is also very mellow, the longer, colour and lustre is also from the beginning of orange into violet black, when we opened to lobular rosewood, will find it inside the trunk of the texture is very beautiful, very close, this is the most popular.In the meantime, to its rare, we everybody also is very familiar, the market price of lobular rosewood now can be said to be the most expensive one kind among all wood, with a kind to call one inch rosewood one inch gold, it can be comparable with gold, and the price that more high-grade lobular rosewood compares gold even is expensive still.The trees there is also a very precious historical culture, because it has been unearthed from a few hundred years ago, at that time, in the Ming dynasty royal can use only, until the later qing dynasty, also be presented as gifts, usually only maharajahs home furnishing articles, and have special value, as a treasure is put up.In ancient times, many literature books, there is a record of lobular rosewood, whether it is about its use, or describe it the appearance of color and so on, are very much, then as people demand for lobular rosewood, found that there are a lot of people to a large number of mining, they lead to lobular red sandalwood has now become a plant is endangered.But fortunately, it has now been legally protected from over-exploitation, and even every country’s export and import of rosewood trees are under control, so this has led to a rapid rise in its price, to the present price has exceeded a ton of more than a million, it sounds really scary, but in fact it is.Why is it so precious?Have two aspects, the first on the one hand, because of its beautiful degree is one of the best among all the wood, the second reason is because of lobular red sandalwood particularly slow growth, and the number of rare in the world, the ordinary tree is a year round, it will be five year round, lobular rosewood of adult success usually to hundreds of years.What say above of course is the value respect that it regards as use only, actually now lobule rosewood also has a lot of admire and admire kind bonsai, but compare precious likewise, be like a few rich family to be able to plant a few strain, and can ask special person to take care of.Its bonsai conservation is several hundred times simpler than that of trees, first of all, the environmental requirements are not particularly high.As long as we keep it in good light, we should be careful not to expose it to the sun, because too hot weather will also make its branches and leaves wither, so the surrounding temperature between 20 degrees Celsius and 30 degrees Celsius is the best, in the winter as long as the temperature is not below zero, it will survive.Lobular rosewood bonsai demand for water is still relatively large, generally a week about two or three times, so usually to observe the state of the soil and the state of its growth, if the growth is not very good, it is necessary to make measures in time.Because lobular red sandalwood is very high, and miniascape itself is very good-looking, it can see very classic very atmosphere on the temperament that sends out all over, and very grave, often can put in a few very serious and important occasions so, for instance meeting room this kind of place.Most people raise plant lobular red sandalwood bonsai, deserve to go up its worth, can choose very high-grade purple arenaceous basin to protect, not to say must use purple arenaceous basin actually, common flowerpot also is ok, want to make sure flowerpot permeability is good only ok.Lobular rosewood vitality is extremely strong, good do is a famous!And it is born “elegant” pronoun, elegant, temperament not common, many business tycoons regard it as “prosperous wealth” symbol!And it is not only the pet of potted bound, it is the star of literary play bound more, how many people are proud of having a pot of lobular rosewood!Click the link below to buy ~