China Railway Construction: Return real estate to manufacturing

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In 2022, 10 sets.On the Lantern Festival, Chengdu China Railway Construction Real Estate co., Ltd. officially unveiled its 2022 development plan, using the Twin Towers of the City as a medium.According to the data of The Middle School, in 2021, the sales volume of CRCC in Chengdu exceeded 16.4 billion yuan, with a sales area of 800,000 square meters and an average sales unit price of more than 20,000 yuan/square meters, ranking first among the top ten real estate enterprises in Chengdu.Behind this performance, high-end products contributed greatly to the West faction.But in 2022, China Railway Construction in Chengdu 10 projects, there are 5 “western faction”, and the other show is the concentration of land acquisition last year, to serve chengdu new youth five new projects.These include dual-limit housing projects and talent apartment projects.Among the 10 projects, the proportion of joint development with other companies is also increasing.Behind the appearance of the new project is the innovative management and development strategy put forward by China Railway Construction And the new requirements of “returning real estate to manufacturing”.In the New Year, the new development model of China Railway Construction is more clear.1. Optimize organizational structure implement innovative business model The new development model of China Railway Construction has been laid out last year.From the group level, China Railway Construction Real Estate proposed to optimize the organizational structure and innovate the business model.In addition to the traditional way of land acquisition, actively participate in the rail transit development mode and the overall development of the area, the purpose is to operate and deeply cultivate the city, create a new development mode, build innovative investment platform.In 2021, China Railway Construction Ranked fourth in Chengdu with sales of 16.4 billion yuan. Behind this list of achievements is the ultra-high single output of XPAI Guoxue, Luxi Yuxue, XPAI Sands and other projects.According to the highlight performance of The Middle Finger Research Institute in 2021, it is inevitable to bring higher market expectations and challenges in 2022.China Railway Construction southwest region concerned person in charge said, ten plates of development is just a table, in the New Year, will seek more quality scale, do urbanization subdivision field leader, optimize the structural layout.In order to adapt to the new situation, China Railway Construction completely abolished the urban Business Division, changed the management level from four to three, namely “Group-Southwest Regions-major project teams”, and fully delegated the power to the leaders of major project teams to achieve more efficient flat management.At present, the Southwest region directly manages project teams and Beijing Innovation companies in Chengdu, Chongqing, Guiyang, Kunming and Dazhou.In the development strategy of China Railway Construction Innovative management, it is important to maintain brand and product advantages and continuously promote cooperation with local platform companies and key partners so as to manage output, cooperative development, urban renewal and other innovative management.China Railway Construction Real estate has always been in the forefront of management and brand output.Chengtie real estate cooperation with the green show not covered mountain, and day investment cooperation luxi yue Fu, have achieved good market reputation and performance.This year’s new appearance of the west less city, and chengdu industrial investment group’s subordinated hui Mansion construction investment to build cooperation.These projects have obvious characteristics. The partners are all large local state-owned platform companies in Chengdu and China Railway Construction Real Estate. The two sides jointly carry out brand and management output.These cooperation have accumulated rich cooperation experience and team for China Railway Construction Real Estate, and also expanded the possibility of more cooperation.Take Chengtie Real Estate as an example. After qingxiu uncovered mountain, the two sides cooperated with the continuous development project of Ergezhai in Guiyang, with a scale of more than 1,000 mu. After completion, the urban landscape of the area will be comprehensively improved.In addition to the update of cooperation mode, the scope of cooperation partners is also expanding.According to published information, two of the five new projects last year will be cooperative projects.Located in the north Lake park beside the North Lake Moon, will be jointly built with oct.Located in the south of the city, The Moon Palace will join hands with Joy City Holdings. The sales department is expected to be unveiled in early April.In the past decade, it is the west faction’s rising reputation in Chengdu and even in southwest China that has empowered the brand of China Railway Construction Real Estate, which is also the foundation of its management and brand output.A decade later, CRCC chose to explore more product breakthroughs outside the West faction.Among the 10 projects released this year, there are 5 west faction products, including West Pai Lanan, West Pai Jinsha, West Pai Guoyue, West Pai Huanhua 63, West Pai Shaocheng;In addition, the five plots sold last year will all be on the market and named “Moon”.These projects named “Moon” are a new exploration of Southwest China railway Construction in the Chengdu market. After ten years in the west, China Railway Construction Real Estate began to seek diversified product expression and a richer corporate image:Steady and young China Railway Construction, elegant west party and young moon, ploughing market and young customers.In addition to the property of the plot, chengdu may be closely related to the development of Chengdu at the macro level.As the leader of chengdu-Chongqing Twin cities economic circle, Chengdu has attracted more sophisticated talents and young people to settle in.Chengdu CRCC Real Estate wants to deeply cultivate Chengdu, so the future market and the whole life cycle represented by these customers will have a huge market space.From the perspective of urban layout, the southern part of the city is also a key area for talent influx. Therefore, it is its long-term consideration to develop products adapted to the region and grow with the city.From the known project information, located in the new Sichuan new Sichuan, the main area will be 90-142 square meters, houses and high-rise, most of them are saleable talent apartment;Shuangnan yuyue fu, located in the west of Wuhou, the new shuangnan, area of about 98-142 square meters, 100 mu zhen installed houses community;Tangyue, built surface about 115-142 square meters house;Beihu Yuyue, building surface of about 100-180 square meters and about 250 square meters stacked……In fact, since last year, China Railway construction real estate has been trying to diversify the product expression, west send sands, west send country yue, there are 3 million level of entry level west send products.And this time, similar to the new Chuanyue project, is a double-limit project, hardcover unit price limit 24100 yuan/square meters, more than 2 million can let the city youth easily get on the bus.Different products common gene this year, China Railway Construction real estate in the internal put forward the real estate to return to the manufacturing property, continue to improve the quality of products and services, improve customer satisfaction requirements.At the same time, there are higher requirements for product details: for example, the demonstration area will not only be displayed for the sake of display, but will be combined with more real scenes in the future;In terms of indoor presentation, more attention will be paid to the functional complexity of space and redefine the living scene.Through the optimization of space functions, we attach importance to the extension of the whole life cycle of the living space to meet the living needs of residents at different stages.”Ten years to build a western pie, with the moon into the new Chengdu” is the latest proposition of Chengdu China Railway Construction Real estate. These 10 projects are timely in chengdu real estate market in 2022, which gives different customers the opportunity to experience the product quality and product aesthetics of China Railway Construction.It is reported, five new projects in product design and ZhongTieJian property in the west wing products create’s own design team, such as double nan with mansion, hardcover part is from west faction’s own designers – YanZheng fencing, also introduced the harvard designers runzhouzhang, Europe Disney designers figure DE (Studer) three international top design master;Xinchuanyue, with the concept of “WE PARK” sharing, to create a” sharing +, health +, art + “all-age adaptation community.These five new projects are expected to debut in March and April, opening in the first half of the year.Judging from the output value of each major project of China Railway Construction Real estate last year, the sales scale of China Railway Construction Real estate in Chengdu is expected to hit a new high in 2022.