Cats don’t Want You to touch their PAWS, But They don’t want you to touch them

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Concern, health science pet original articles, do not plagiarize.Why has my cat refused to let me touch its PAWS after years of ownership?Many shoveling excrement officer want to know this problem, in fact, there is a reason, the cat does not dislike you!In fact, the cat does not let the owner touch the paw is normal, because the cat’s paw pad has a lot of nerves, so it is particularly sensitive, touch its paw will make it feel uncomfortable.So cats don’t like people to touch their PAWS. It’s not that they dislike you.Some cats are actually very vengeful, after being punished by the owner, it will always hold a grudge, so it will do something to make you angry, and is not let you touch its body.Natural PAWS will certainly not let you touch, because it is too hate you, xiaobian suggest the host to please it!If a cat’s paw is injured, it will be very careful, when the owner wants to touch its paw, the cat will be very resistant, because it is afraid that the owner will hurt it.So cats hide their PAWS from their owners!Some new cat owners may not be very good at clipping their cat’s claws, so they will easily hurt the cat, and the cat will definitely not let you touch its claws because it is afraid that you will clip its nails.Xiaobian suggests novice shoveling excrement officer, the first time to cat nails must see more relevant knowledge!After a few years of keeping a cat, you may not get the trust of a cat, because the owner is less accompanied, so the cat will not trust you, let alone touch the natural paw.To gain your cat’s trust, it is recommended to interact with it every day, and you can play games with it. Reward your cat with cat snacks for good behavior, so that it will trust you more!Conclusion: Will your cat let you touch its PAWS?