Can’t eat frozen steamed bread?Can you store aflatoxin for more than 3 days?After reading the knowledge

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Steamed bread, as the staple food loved by people in the north, is steamed with wheat flour as raw material through cutting, shaping, fermentation, baking and other steps. With the gradual improvement of the quality of today’s living standards, white steamed bread, rice steamed bread, black steamed bread and other types of people to meet the appetite.Experiment according to the nutrition survey, the only habit for households held will eat steamed bread in the fridge, through secondary heating diet again, for steamed bread in the refrigerator to store more than three days to see whether they will be making aspergillus flavus the carcinogens is the mouth is differ, through this article to learn about the food quality and safety knowledge together!01 What is Aflatoxin?In view of aflatoxin this harmful substance the World Health Organization in 1993 as one of the first class carcinogens, through a certain microscope component extraction analysis shows that 95.5% of the probability for cell division layer mycotoxin, harmful nature second only to botulinum toxin carcinogens.Depended on to do the liver detoxification detoxification process, eating too many toxins within a short period of time is easy to cause acute poisoning, liver surface area within a short period of time appear the phenomenon of lesions and if the harmful substances in the intake air for a long time, also contributed to the chronic poisoning disease occurs, exacerbated by itself with the risk of metabolic diseases.Part of the food does not pay attention to the environment in the process of its storage indirect led to qualitative change mould, its breeding ground for a small amount of vitamin b1, this type of composition in medicine as a common beneficial ingredients, but if combined with aflatoxin should be moldy food between indirect led to combining the toxicity of cancer.Aflatoxin’s optimum temperature for survival is relatively strong, which to some extent disordered the mechanism of acid-base balance in the body. After ingestion of aflatoxin into human body, it resulted in the generation of a large number of plant pollutants, which caused certain damage to kidney, liver and spleen.Some people think that in the process of cooking food, through the method of more processing will eliminate aflatoxin, but through medical experiments show that the high temperature resistance of aflatoxin environment is higher than about 270 degrees, unless it alleviates with aqueous solution to lead to the integration of organic solvents and oil components will be eliminated.02 Frozen steamed buns can’t be eaten?Can aflatoxins be produced after more than three days in the fridge?Read the knowledge of frozen steamed bread for its own aflatoxin, medical aspects through the grouping of experimental methods to draw a certain conclusion.Medical researchers classified 100 steamed buns into 10 groups as group A, group B and group C, and drew certain research conclusions based on different storage methods and storage environments:Steamed bread has been frozen in the refrigerator for more than three days without certain taste problems, and the starch components extracted did not appear aseptic enzyme pollution phenomenon, and the moisture was lost when reheated, and the softness was relatively low compared with the original taste of steamed bread.For steamed bread in the refrigerator for more than three days will produce aflatoxins view has certain properties, aflatoxin survival by appropriate ring degrees keep between 25 ℃ and 40 ℃, the temperature of the refrigerator, relative to the suitable conditions of aflatoxin in inverse ratio, therefore recommends that: do not fear phenomenon of aflatoxin breeding.Steamed bread in the refrigerator storage time depends on the steamed bun of raw materials and production methods, the production is completed, put it in the storage container clean again, not moldy phenomenon will happen, just produced a certain hard on taste taste change, suggest that we use in a scientific way to identify problems, reasonable knowledge not credulous.The doctor suggests that we should pay attention to the storage method and the maintenance of sanitary conditions in the process of making steamed bread. We can avoid food cross infection by wrapping steamed bread with plastic film. In a short period of time, we should also heat steamed bread as much as possible to avoid the hard taste of the normal taste.03 easy breeding ground for aflatoxins, the following several kinds of food to pay attention to in daily life often eat the melon seeds and peanuts and other nuts kind of food, will timely to spit out once feel a trace of bitterness, and work to gargle, avoid doing which takes aflatoxin intake after the human body, affect the health of the oral mucosa, again into the digestive tract,Increases their risk of liver and kidney cancer.Some businesses in order to earn certain interests, in the selection of sesame paste raw materials without secondary screening, a series of withered sesame and deteriorated peanuts will be involved in which, through a certain training system, resulting in the occurrence of aflatoxin, indirectly affecting the body health.Agaric food as a kind of fungus food has a certain standard range of use in food dietetics, it is suggested that everyone pays attention to time when soaking agaric, do not exceed 4~5 hours, avoid breeding a large number of aflatoxin among them produced the phenomenon of cellular fungal lesions.After ingestion of the human body, the skin layer tissue was indirectly affected by external toxins. In a short period of time, the nucleus was divided, and the immune cell matrix showed a declining state and failed to achieve the resistance effect, which led to the indirect pathological phenomenon.04 How to avoid aflatoxin ingestion?Medical treatment shows that aflatoxin poisoning occurs in the digestive tract, where the reaction is strongest. Such infectious and toxic bacteria infect the gastric mucosa after being injected into the human body, resulting in a large amount of gastric acid secretion indirectly, resulting in nausea, vomiting, abdominal distension and diarrhea within a short period of time.Severe convulsive coma is also easy to lead to, it is recommended that we must cause timely vigilance in daily life, not to be confused with the daily symptoms of diarrhea, and miss the best treatment time has led to the phenomenon of cell canceration affecting kidney function and liver organ detoxification effect.Face in gone mouldy food, also want to avoid using partial excision method again to eat, do not harm the collective to a saving health, must will gone mouldy fruit and food in a timely manner to throw away, also want to timely cleaning infect your refrigerator parts and fruit blue parts, prevent bacterial growth condition affecting all the food.
Do you have any medical knowledge about aflatoxin in your daily life?Do you think steamed bread in the refrigerator storage time what should be paid attention to?Feel free to share them in the comments section below so that more people can benefit.Guide to Summer Regimen