Us and Europe to solve the supply problem!China Semiconductor Association: the world should strengthen cooperation

2022-07-03 0 By

The European Union and the United States are scrambling to come up with measures to boost their semiconductor industries as the global semiconductor supply crisis continues.Among them, the EU plans to take 20% of the global semiconductor share by 2030, and then calls for giants such as TSMC to build factories in Europe.In the past few days, the United States has decided to restore its dominance in the semiconductor industry, hoping to return to its peak of 37% of global semiconductor manufacturing.During the week of February 1, U.S. officials will review the U.S. Competition Act 2022, which includes $52 billion in subsidies for semiconductor manufacturing.Companies like TSMC, Samsung and Intel have promised to build high-end chip plants in the U.S. in response to the subsidies.But American officials have dawdled so far and have yet to cash the subsidy.South Korea and Japan are also secretly competing to make their semiconductor industries more competitive.Japan has also joined forces with the United States, which plans to impose export restrictions on technology in the semiconductor sector.All in all, the semiconductor revitalization plans of various countries seem to be various, with the ultimate aim of keeping the initiative of the semiconductor supply chain in their own hands.However, we all know that the development of semiconductor industry can not rely on a single enterprise to prop up a day.Take Dutch lithography machine giant ASML for example. Although it is the only enterprise in the world that can produce EUV lithography machine, 90% of the parts of this equipment rely on imports, and related suppliers are all over the United States, Japan, Germany and other countries and regions.And because some of its key components are supplied by American companies, asML’s exports are at the mercy of the United States.On January 31, China’s New Year’s Eve, China Semiconductor Industry Association also called on the global semiconductor industry to strengthen cooperation, jointly carry out related technology and industry development research, strive to analyze the semiconductor industry development bottlenecks, promote global exchanges and cooperation.Article | Liao Li thought questions | Liao Li thought on | Liao Li thought