The Sze Yue S is listed at 135,700 yuan to 171,700 yuan

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Star more S bang ready before the face, the face before modelling of dynamic verve, tension, XuanBo energy front grille, increase the volume at the same time, the overall modelling is distinct, dynamic, arrow front line LED day lights, modelling is sharp, light, illuminate the road ahead is focus, security with your actions, new blade cut line design body, muscles and impact are perfect show, blackened ceiling,It has a strong sense of sporty, highlighting personality. The transit-type rear view mirror, flexible lifting lines, highlights the sports attribute. The star shuttle decoration strip, the electric light green slender decorative strip and “CMA” letter decoration are integrated, giving a stronger sense of extension.Ducktail tail fins to improve tail turbulence, better aerodynamics, star drive cabin, driver’s license as the center, full vision of the intrusive driving sense, both dynamic and fashion, advanced suede seats, panoramic sky luxury skylight, 1040MM*870MM large panoramic sky skylight.The highest lighting area is 0.59m ².Go to the store to buy the star more S that enjoy four gifts: (1) financial gift: discount up to 6000 yuan, (2) big customers fill 1000 yuan, (3) replacement gift: subsidies to high 6000 yuan, (4) big customers subsidy 1000 yuan, miss no longer have, old customers with new customers to buy cars more gifts!At present, there are a small number of cars in the store, first order, first served!To the shop test drive with good gifts, fair prices, generous gifts, one-stop car shopping service will open for you a relaxed and happy happy journey, all in Honghe Gangxin Geely 4S shop, multiple financial policies for you to choose, enjoy low down payment, low interest rate.What are you waiting for?Hurry up!Buy Geely cars, to honghe Gangxin, Honghe State Geely three-star dealers!Choose Honghe Port Xin Geely automobile, let you rest assured + peace of mind + intimate + happy + worry, all the way to buy a car without worry!Buy Geely car to Honghe Port Xin, reliable!The event will run from January 31, 2022 to January 31, 2022