Supermarket “hidden rules”, more than ten years of supermarket do not know, understand these five points can save a lot of money

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With the continuous increase of income, basic food and clothing is no longer enough to meet the needs of modern people, people are pursuing a high-quality life.Such as eating healthier and tastier, dressing more fashionably and so on.Under these demands, major shopping malls and supermarkets have opened one after another, with a steady stream of customers, especially on holidays, there are always a sea of people, even the checkout line.At present, there are still a few days to Chinese New Year, every family is preparing to buy New Year goods, it is the shopping mall, supermarket business boom stage.Remind everyone a point, the supermarket is a “hidden rules”, understand 5 points can save a lot of money, many people who have visited the supermarket for more than ten years do not know.Light effect the first point, when buying vegetables and fruits to pay attention to careful observation, best away from the light.It is observed that the fresh area of most fresh supermarkets or ordinary supermarkets will be illuminated by a large number of lights. No matter vegetables, fruits or meat, under the irradiation of these lights, it will become very beautiful and increase people’s appetite.In fact, this is one of the marketing methods of supermarkets. It is easy to create an illusion under the light. If you don’t carefully observe it, you will find many defective products when you buy them home, and some of them are corrupt.In addition, if you want to buy fresh fruits and vegetables, it’s best to be early, otherwise you will have to pick up the leftovers.This is well understood by the older generation, who get up early every day and line up in front of supermarkets just to get the freshest vegetables.Second, bulk is more cost-effective than bagged food, such as nuts, peanuts, chocolate and other essential snacks for the Spring Festival.To save money, buy bulk.But bulk also has disadvantages, that is, it is not easy to store.In the case of nuts, for example, if they leak, they are not crispy, which is a waste of money.In addition, when the supermarket is crowded, bulk weighing has to queue, but bags of food can be picked up as soon as the checkout.Third, don’t limit yourself to products that are close by.Supermarket tally clerks have a knack for placing the most popular items in conspicuous places.Not everyone is keen to buy hot products, most people will choose the cost-effective and suitable for their own.At this time, we suggest that you can look at the distance or the goods on the shelf below.Moreover, many of the products most prominently displayed are about to expire, and supermarkets are desperate to sell them before they try to entice customers to buy them.The most typical food is yogurt, which is easy to expire. Sometimes supermarkets will launch “buy one, get one free” activities. People must check the shelf life before buying.Make sure you finish your drink before it expires. You’ll save on a bottle.If you can’t guarantee to drink it before the expiration date, don’t buy it. It’s wasteful.The fourth point is that we should consume rationally for the sales promotion. Supermarkets will certainly not let themselves suffer losses, so even the cut-price price is just a slogan.Some people will go crazy as soon as they hear discount promotions. In fact, they usually go to see the price and there is no big difference.Fifth, there will be more discounts in the evening, especially when it is close to closing. Many products will be sold at cost price.Some of the supermarket food is made, the day can not sell, can only be disposed of, the supermarket does not want to waste will engage in special sale.There are also some fruit and vegetables that are insufficient in appearance, and they will rot if they are not sold.These products are not harmful to eating, so many supermarkets have older people waiting for them to appear at the end of the day.