Preemptively strike Chinese missile bases?Japan’s defense minister talks constitutional amendment, wants to develop land attack missiles

2022-07-03 0 By

Recently, The Japanese side began to play the idea of “amending the Constitution”, intending to further strengthen its military “way”.At a meeting of Japan’s Central Budget committee on Feb. 16, Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi said he wanted to enhance Japan’s “ability to attack enemy bases,” and that the Japanese government would not rule out the option of allowing Japanese Self-defense Force planes to fly bombing missions into the other country’s airspace, the Global Times reported.Such a willingness is certainly anachronistic in a country that has committed atrocities of war.In addition, the Japanese government is also actively working to revise the National Security Strategy to include the ability to attack enemy missile launching bases in the basic policy of Japan’s defense field.Thus clearing the way for the Further development of Japanese military armament.After announcing the plans, Kishi said the move was aimed only at enhancing Japan’s “self-defence capability” and that attacks on enemy bases would only be used under conditions of exercising the so-called “right of self-defence”.It wants to cover up Japan’s fundamental purpose of developing offensive weapons by making such a statement.In addition to being constitutionally active, the Japanese military has also embarked on a simultaneous development program to develop ground-strike missiles.According to the budget report released by the Japanese Ministry of Defense, one of the “shore-to-ship missile development plan” with a funding of up to 37.9 billion yen has also attracted attention from all walks of life.The development of the so-called “shore-to-ship missile” would probably not cost that much, and the only possibility is to increase the range of the shore-to-ship missile so that it can be modified to strike land if necessary.While the Japanese government missile defense related documents also confirmed this view, according to the plan, there are only more than one hundred kilometers of Japan 12 type anti-ship missiles will be modified for nearly 900 km range increase, thus has bear the burden of “standoff missile”, which has the ability to pre-emptive strike missile base in China.The inclusion of China in the list of “imaginary enemies” is a big reason for the Japanese military to develop “offensive weapons”.Relations between China and Russia have grown closer in recent years, and military cooperation between the two sides has become more frequent.In 2021, a Russian and Chinese fleet even sailed directly through Japan’s Kutsu Strait, apparently causing a shock to Japanese politics.At the same time, The Japanese political circle still retains a “great dream of military power”. Especially after the Kishida government came into power, it made a bold statement of “recovering” all the Japanese islands and never leaving the problem to the next generation, which can be said to be very targeted.But talks between The Japanese government and South Korea over the dokdo dispute have yielded no results, and the two sides have broken up in acrimony, even with American mediation.And in the dispute with Russia over four northern islands, Japan has gained no advantage, not even a seat at the negotiating table.This situation further stimulated Japan’s determination to develop its own military.The current situation is also a golden opportunity for Japan.After the end of The Second World War, American troops were stationed in Japan for a long time, and the biggest obstacle to the development of Japan’s military strength came from the United States.But in recent years, as its strength in the Asia-Pacific region has weakened, the United States also needs Japan as an ally to become stronger, so it turns a blind eye to Japan’s small intentions of military development, and even secretly promotes them.Including the F-15 improvement plan and f-35 fighter plane export plan provided by the United States, the Japanese military secretly added the purchase item of air-ground missiles in the arms purchase treaty. These weapons obviously exceeded the “self-defense” needs, but the United States still “turned a blind eye” and approved the export.In this way, the “offensive” of the Japanese military will be greatly enhanced by the continuous strike of ground-based missiles and air power, which is worthy of our vigilance.​