If life is too dull, there will be wind when running!

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Before running, I didn’t realize that the morning light was so warm. The air in the People’s Stadium was fresh in the morning, and the scenery of Zijiang at night was lively with songs. This year, through running, I saw different scenery in the city that I was familiar with, and made friends that I was unfamiliar with but got together because of common interests.I am not an expert in running laps and have no knowledge. I just want to share my daily running experience. If someone can start to pay attention to health and love sports through this article, it will be very meaningful.Struggle to start in the past few years after the age of 30, it is obvious that the body’s metabolism slows down. As a result of frequent gluttiness and occasional dinner, but not regular exercise, weight is gaining, action is more sluggish, and body ailments begin to show slowly.In order to adjust the state of the body, this year in the middle of spring, a bite a cruel, forced himself to pick up running.Found that the Zijiang dike is a good place to shelter from wind and rain out of breath, footsteps floating, not a minute to get through…This is how I felt the first day I spent 15 minutes running 1.6 miles in the morning.Therefore, in the face of the body this kind of sports quality, he did not want to eat into a fat.At that time, my running distance, according to their own running ability, slowly increased from 1 km to 2 km and then to 3 km, after all, running is for health, not because of brave to reluctantly lead to their own injuries, that would be the cart before the horse.To motivate myself, I bought a professional running watch to take advantage of the start-of-year deal.Ditching the distractions of a smartphone full of entertainment, you can actually get more immersed in the initial state of running by packing only a watch when you leave the house.At the same time, in order to avoid injury, I paid attention to many professional bloggers on video websites, learned the key tricks of running seriously, corrected my diet structure, and improved my running ability with a scientific and serious attitude.The activity was directly reduced by 110 yuan, and the price was 2,470 yuan, plus 420 yuan to buy 500 yuan RDP. Even if it was cold and rainy, I would go out for a walk. In order to cope with the fatigue after running or not to delay the time of running in the morning, I formed the habit of going to bed and getting up early.Don’t be too brave, don’t compare with others, step by step to achieve their own health exercise goals, set up a calm open-minded attitude;In the contest with lazy habits, fear of difficulty mentality, formed an indomitable will – experts say 21 days can form a habit, after these days of persistence, I think I also harvested a lot of running.Find the feeling to run for a long time, the weight began to drop slowly, the spirit of work is not so easy to fatigue, this positive feedback incentive, so that their confidence in life also follow up, because every time I encounter difficulties, I will remind myself — so uncomfortable physical torture have survived, what is this setback at present?There are always many exercisers in the Zijiang style belt every day. During the Tokyo Olympics, some people decided to run a personal best time of 3 km.After starting on the empty river bank, I could only hear the sound of my feet touching the ground. I was very tired in the later stage. Thinking of Su Bingtian, who had just set an Asian record in the 100-meter race, I shouted “Su Bingtian” at the top of my voice to cheer myself up.This speed is certainly not in the lap of the connoisseur’s eyes, but let me feel the joy of breaking their own.Along the national road, looking at the moon with the glow of a night, in order to taste a neighboring county famous beef noodles breakfast, in brother brother’s invitation, agreed to the next day to taste fresh.In the early morning of the same day, in the company of the bright moon, I started to run from the city at 4:30, along the quiet national road, with the breeze blowing on my face, I held my head high and rushed to the finish line.During this period, I suddenly felt that I had experienced this road with my feet, which was completely different from the experience I had driven through many times before. Especially in the last kilometer, I encountered a big uphill climb of 100 meters above sea level, which was sour and cool.After accumulating over a long period of time every day, my 5km pace has changed from eight and a half minutes, to seven and a half minutes, to six and a half minutes, and then to the current five and a half minutes. I have a profound understanding of the saying “no pains, no gains”.After being involved in the organization for a long time, I wanted to find my fellow runners to discuss and compete with each other, so I found the QQ group of Municipal Marathon Sports Association on the Internet, and joined the running friends group of Qiaobei Branch, starting a running day with organized care and guidance.It was the first time for me to participate in the qiaobei Branch’s gathering run. I got to know the thoughtful volunteers, ate the authentic food, and deeply felt the enthusiasm and warmth of the group.Here, there are overall captain Bingbing, there are insist on the card of the president Qingge, there are hard training, there are enthusiastic to help xiaoyan, there are shuangsushuangfei Li boss couple, and often shouted “runners should not drink” “tomorrow from alcohol” Manager Wang……It is these partners with different personalities but common interests that make up this energetic team.I participated in the offline physical competition for the first time when I came to Dahua Village with my association partners to participate in the “Village Marathon” — a public benefit event sponsored by our City Marathon Sports Association, aiming to promote rural revitalization and explore the integrated development of sports, industry and tourism.When we, a group of runners, demonstrated the achievements of building a beautiful countryside through running, we couldn’t help thinking of the slogan of this competition — “Let’s do public welfare with the Enthusiasm of horse running”. We felt very proud to participate in such a meaningful event.I was very glad to participate in the planning of the first half horse race in the district. Later, I took the courage to sign up for the provincial marathon half horse race, which was changed from physical race to online race due to the impact of the epidemic.I signed up for the Changde Liuye Lake Half-horse Marathon, but it was postponed to next spring.So, in order to make up for this year are not involved in regret, what branch of friends together, in the district party committee propaganda department, wide area text brigade body, area under the support of the national fitness center, in the closed circuit for a belong to our own security zone, simple half horse race, drew a satisfactory full stop for.After the night run, my heart is as strong as the moon and comfortable as the wind. Running, for me, is a means of self-healing stress reduction.If a dull life tries to crush me, my response is to put on my running shoes, get out of the house, and fight the dull days with a run — once I’m on the track, the wind pushes me along, and everything begins to unfurl, slowly and violently.