CCTV reported that “Tear poison network” : the BOSS was a 20-something woman!

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Can you imagine that a young woman in her 20s turned out to be a major drug dealer and the entire network was mostly built up by family ties. “The goods have already come in from abroad and will soon arrive in Chengdu.””We don’t know when it’s going to arrive, what route it’s coming from, what means of transportation.”As the night wore on and the streets emptied of pedestrians, police investigators in Huili county, Sichuan province, kept their eyes on the door of a quiet neighborhood in Chengdu.”The more the goods are about to arrive, the more calm they are, their vigilance is very high, we all pretend to be passers-by, dare not follow too close.They have to pick it up, and if they follow the right people, they’ll find it.”Sichuan Province Huili County public Security Bureau anti-drug brigade investigator said.It was 3 a.m. on July 30, 2019, when a delivery truck pulled into a secluded spot in the neighborhood.Pull out the turnip out of the “cow” of the case began in November 2018, the view of sichuan province police learn an important clues, several LiangShanJi suspects for drug trafficking activities in chengdu, a large number of heroin will from abroad into chengdu, view of the police immediately set up of some investigation into this case.The clue that graspes according to, the police discovers two criminal suspect 4 all and beautiful flower is a pair of husband and wife, be responsible for drugs to receive goods, often live hotel, still can change place frequently.The task force has not yet mastered the mode of transportation of the suspects, as well as the exact time when the drugs arrived in Chengdu, so it can only send investigators to track Sidu and Xiuhua and investigate relevant social information.A few days later, His cousin Ji showed up and moved in with the couple.It’s uncertain whether they got the drugs or not, but it looks like it’s almost time.The scouts, on 24-hour shifts from day to night, were stationed downstairs.The target finally appeared, and at 3 a.m. on July 30, 2019, a delivery truck pulled up to the side of the compound.Soon, Hidu and Xiuhua show up in their car, and a man gets out of the van and walks straight to their car, dropping off a black backpack.The police suspect that the black bag is filled with drugs from abroad into Chengdu.According to information, 4 are mixed the backside of beautiful flower is a complex drug trafficking network, affect and move the whole body, touch a point is bound to disturb whole drug trafficking network, seeing receive goods person to enter village, investigator did not carry out arrest immediately, they are waiting for headquarters to issue an order.At 4 a.m., Ji carrying a handbag from the community came out, not far from the community in a bus stop, and a woman met, and gave the bag to the woman.Then they hurried away.All kinds of signs show that three people have received drugs, ready to start distribution to their offline, command immediately ordered the three people arrested.Subsequently, the police rushed into the room, will four, xiu flower, ji mou captured, found 54 pieces of white powder heroin in the cabinet, each 350 grams.Be informed through interrogation police, the line of 3 people is one is called “cow demon king” person.Female drug dealers “cow demon king” was captured through interrogation, police further understand, show flower, four, auspicious and the “cow demon king” four people usually go very close.But let the police absolutely did not think of is that the organizer of this drug trafficking network “cow demon King” turned out to be a woman of more than 20 years old.According to the investigation, “cow demon king” is meigu county, a few years ago alone to Chengdu to work.In order to organize the “drug trafficking network”, she often drove a sports car to come and go in and out of chengdu’s entertainment venues, while treating friends with a high profile is also very generous, basically every consumption of 90,000 to 100,000 yuan.Move liberally “cow demon king” accordingly mix in recreational place get open, everybody calls her affectionately “cow cow”, as social intercourse circle is gradually big, “cow cow” formed oneself very quickly “drug trafficking net”.And in order to hide their own “drug trafficking” behavior and the source of huge funds, “Niu Niu” said he was a beer dealer, with the help of occupation, she was lurking during the day, night, in the dark secretly carrying out drug trafficking transactions.Police in the investigation “Niuniu”, found with “niuniu” has close contact with the woman Zhao is very suspicious.Zhao mou often in and out of “niuniu” home, there are “niuniu” home key, the police through analysis and analysis, that Zhao mou should be one of the backbone members of the drug trafficking network.Through the comparison of ji in the bus station and a woman joint after the monitoring screen, police determine, and ji joint woman is Zhao.Immediately, the police decided to “cow demon king” and Zhao two people arrested.In front of hard evidence, “cow demon King” and Zhao confessed to his drug trafficking behavior.Since drug traffickers are very cautious and rarely communicate with each other at ordinary times, once drugs from abroad enter, the whole network will start quickly and distribute drugs quickly.The police decided to follow suit, looking for a line, continue to expand the results of the war.Through carding found that the day of the incident, Zhao gave the bag to two other women, namely her line Yang Mou Beauty, Huang Mou Qiong.Yang met Cho when she was serving a prison sentence for drug trafficking, and they stayed in touch after her prison term ended.Through the interrogation police learned that Yang mou beauty and Huang Mou Qiong is actually mother and daughter relationship, even Yang Mou beauty’s grandmother Zhang Mou Zhen also participated in drug trafficking.Usually by The United States to provide drugs, Huang Qiong, Zhang Zhen drug distribution.Because Yang mou The United States often participate in gambling, erratic whereabouts, police plan to huang Mou Qiong as a breakthrough investigation.Handling the case police learned that Huang qiong and his wife in Chengdu opened a small hotel, the door to arrest.Hwang handed over all the drugs she had hidden.During the arrest, Huang’s husband said helplessly, “She is a drug addict and has been smoking for nearly 10 years.Because of drug abuse, A Huang Qiong family was destitute, her daughter did not return home for a long time, a home was virtually separated.At the same time that Huang wenqiong was arrested, another group of police also found Zhang Zhen.Different from the nervous Huang Wenqiong, Zhang Zhen is “very calm” in the face of the police, in the trash can turned out a 350 grams of drugs, and took the initiative to the kitchen, in the hiding position to take out another piece of drugs.Let the police accident is, in addition to the mother and grandmother, and Yang mou Mei’s fourth uncle Yang Mou Hua, Yang Mou Hua’s sister Yang zhao, and Yang Mou Mei grandpa luo Mou GUI are involved in drug trafficking.A huge drug trafficking network, so with affection for the bond established.As the suspect arrested one after another, peddling drugs to the final net moment, the suspect Yang Mou Beauty still no trace, where is she hiding?That mother, grandmother arrested Yang Mou Beauty decided to explore the truth, the police learned the news, in the hui Li lurk, waiting for Yang Mou Beauty actively enter the net.On August 2, 2019, the police found the place where Yang mou Mei lived in Huili and prepared to arrest her. Unexpectedly, Yang Limei, who seemed to notice something, immediately drove away from Huili and headed for Chengdu.The police immediately set up a road card in front of Yang Mou Mei, and drove behind the chase, finally arrested Yang Mou Mei in Yundian.The case led to the arrest of 13 suspects and the seizure of more than 20,000 grams of heroin, which completely destroyed the drug trafficking network with close ties with foreign countries and prevented a large number of drugs from flowing into society.Drug trafficking harms not only individuals but also families and society as a whole