Anti-epidemic, just anti-epidemic?

2022-07-03 0 By

This is a detailed comparison on new crown of epidemic prevention and control of data, from on May 17, 2020 to June 1, 2021, more than a year of time, China 8192 new patients, only two patients died, and was in stark contrast, Hong Kong’s new ten thousand patients, 206 people have been killed, Taiwan’s new 8402 people, 130 people have been killed.Very interesting data, the death rate in Hong Kong and Taiwan is dozens of times that in mainland China.Is the mainland’s Western medicine is dozens of times worse than Hong Kong and Taiwan’s western medicine?Apparently not, for the simple reason that in mainland China, TCM is fully involved and dominates the treatment of COVID-19 patients.Even today, only four COVID-19 patients have died on the mainland. What is the magic bullet?The cheap and efficient traditional Chinese medicine is.So, who hates TCM most?It speaks for itself.The picture below is from Shanghai, which is fighting against the epidemic. In the past, supermarkets used to like to buy one and get one free. But now, the superior asked some people to deliver Traditional Chinese medicine to the common people.And this picture, I’m a financial tycoon in Shanghai, openly suggesting that you throw the anti-epidemic Chinese medicine into the trash can.Who distributed traditional Chinese medicine to the people?Who is so resistant to Traditional Chinese medicine?In recent days, the entire country in support of Shanghai resistance to disease, many provinces are sent to the medical team, even the people’s liberation army deployed, everyone wants to help Shanghai victory over the outbreak at an early date, to implement dynamic reset, but today, there are a pair of mother and daughter, to go out in the morning, from Shanghai to hangzhou, don’t wear a face mask, to hangzhou at half past six in the morning after, began to take the subway at the mall,Rambled 7 many hours in a row do not disaffection tired, the somebody else can be the masculine patient that sets out in the early morning that day.These two people, in the face of the epidemic prevention personnel’s accusation, actually laughed and some people openly in Shanghai to recruit people, to the national scenic spots clock, the reward is very rich: lie flat really good?Here’s what the experts say: The Omicron virus is not influenza, and it has killed more people worldwide than the Delta strain: Wang Yangming, a thinker in the Ming Dynasty, said: “It is easier to break a thief from a mountain than a thief from a heart.”The epidemic is not difficult to extinguish, difficult to extinguish is deeply buried in the stubborn and prejudice.Finally, let me conclude with a poem: As soon as the earth rises, there comes a heap of bones.The monk is stupid mob can be taught, and the demon is evil and evil.Golden monkey rose to qianjun stick, Yuyu clarified wanli Ai.Today, I hail The great Sage of Sun, but the evil fog comes again.I wish the people of Shanghai an early success in fighting the epidemic!