Another local confirmed case was reported in Hangzhou

2022-07-03 0 By

At 22:00 on January 25th, a nucleic acid positive case was found in the fever Clinic of Binjiang Hospital, The Second Hospital of Zhejiang Medical University.In the early hours of January 26, the CDC re-tested positive and confirmed a confirmed case of COVID-19.It is quite frightening to look closely at this man’s movements since January 14th and not find where he might have been infected.He didn’t touch cold chain food, didn’t have any contact with any of the other confirmed cases, but got to work regularly, picked up his kids, and occasionally went to the cafeteria to buy food.There’s no complicated route, so how did he get infected?My biggest fear is that there is no source of infection, no way of transmission, sudden cases, so people feel a little nervous.This is also the case in Hangzhou some time ago.One case popped up out of nowhere, but did not cause further transmission.It’s like a case that just fell out of the sky. It’s kind of weird.This guy’s trail was simple, but he came in contact with a lot of people.In addition to commuting colleagues, the company also holds annual meetings.He picked up his children and met classmates and teachers at school.In addition, he also bought meals in the canteen many times, resulting in a large number of people with overlapping time and space, which added great difficulty to epidemic prevention and control.The closer the Spring Festival approaches, the more we must not relax our awareness of epidemic prevention and control.What do you say?I will not get lost, welcome to follow the comments and discussion.Your interaction is my greatest source of motivation!