Or sell 60,000, Wuling brand new 2-seater electric car, 305KM range, also co-branded with Disney

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Most models in the car market are 5-seater structure, which is to ensure the practicality of the vehicle and the ability to use the home.However, for many young people, their demand for household is not so high, and most of the time they travel alone or with their partners.In this case, the two-seater is actually enough for daily travel.In the car market, the number of models that really offer two seater is not very many, and most of them are some sports cars, which may not be so suitable for young people.Under such circumstances, Wuling has created a new model for young people, namely Wuling NanoEV.Wuling Nano EV is also wuling’s first 2-seat new energy model, born from GSEV global small pure electric vehicle architecture, with Wuling’s superb technology and rich manufacturing experience, so that the car can win the trust of users from the core product strength.Not only that, Wuling NanoEV also co-signed cooperation with Disney, with the help of “Zootopia” this IP, launched wuling NanoEV Judy limited model, Nick limited model.And these two limited models also serve as the vanguard of Wuling NanoEV, officially launched on September 29.Next, let’s take a look at Wuling NanoEV’s Judy limited, Nick limited.The wuling NanoEV and Wuling Hongguang MINIEV have distinct design differences, especially after the inclusion of zootopia elements, the car becomes even more different.In the front face, you can see the obvious color collision design. Its A-pillar is blackened, which forms A contrast with the color matching of the body. Under the front windshield, you can see the striped elements running through the design, and then below, there are polygonal headlights.The front bumper protrudes as a whole, and is constructed with a large area of black veneer, while both sides are wrapped with colorful trim to enrich the sense of layering.When it comes to the side, black painting is still kept around the window, which is matched with Nick’s green body and Judy’s white/pink body, enhancing the fashion sense of the vehicle.The side lines are irregular, showing a curved curve and running back and forth, with a linear flow and low wind resistance effect.Nick limited edition and Judy limited edition also have unique body drawing. At the same time, there is a Disney nameplate on the front wing plate of the limited model, and there is a cute image nameplate corresponding to Nick and Judy in the position of B-pillar.These designs enhance the car’s recognition and give it a more youthful feel.In addition to the appearance of the design is more characteristic, the car’s interior eye absorption ability is not bad, the dual-spoke multi-functional steering wheel is relatively slim, grip feeling is good.The floating open center console is geometrically designed with a large area of hollowed out grooves to enhance the look and create an open storage space.There is only one screen in the car, a floating LCD dashboard, on which all pre-flight functions will be integrated.The butterfly-wrapped seat is not thin, it makes for a good ride, and the seat is decorated with stepped stripes in different colors to make it look nicer.On this basis, the limited version of the car is integrated with the limited logo, the seat headrest is embroidered with the word “Disney”, and the inside of the steering wheel, the inside of the door panel, and the edge of the seat adopts the same Judy pink and Nick green.The Wuling NanoEV limited model has a 305km range and a top speed of 100km/h.Such endurance is obviously enough for the city, most People’s Daily travel mileage is about 10~30 kilometers, 305 kilometers of endurance can basically meet the travel needs of about a week even if the air conditioning is turned on all the time.Of course, based on the endurance performance of the car, we can speculate that the positioning and pricing of the car will be higher than hongguang MINIEV, and it is expected to enter the car market at 60,000 to 70,000 yuan. What do you think of this price?The event will run from February 15, 2022 to February 28, 2022