Daocheng County to develop pepper industry to help rural revitalization

2022-07-02 0 By

(1) Revitalize land resources.With the development model of “enterprise + village collective economy + peasant household”, the integrated use of returning farmland to forest land, barren hills and slopes, idle land, incomplete forest land to plant Pepper, drive peasant households to increase income and get rich.Up to now, the villagers have distributed 41020 pepper seedlings and 191 tons of organic fertilizer free of charge, and the newly increased planting area of Pepper has reached 400 mu.(2) Developing agricultural technology guidance.Strictly implement the technical guidance of agricultural technology commissioner, carry out on-site teaching, the planting of Pepper, fertilization, pruning, field management and other aspects of the whole, systematic explanation, to ensure that the survival rate of pepper seedlings planting more than 95%.⑶ Real-time tracking and monitoring.According to the working mechanism of “fixed point, fixed person, fixed responsibility”, strengthen technical guidance and supervision and tracking, timely understand the planting situation of Pepper seedlings and seedling survival situation, effectively ensure that the pepper seedlings can be planted, grow well, it is expected that pepper after hanging fruit mature household income of more than 3500 yuan.