A parent observed two weeks of online classes, crying class unfair, the teacher said parents do not understand, narrow-minded

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Online education has become extremely common in many places these days.One parent did something weird and reasonable, and he wrote about it on his social media platform.He said he secretly observed his child’s online classes for two weeks and expressed his dissatisfaction with the head teacher who taught Chinese, asking students to answer questions in every Chinese class.But he concluded that in the past two weeks, the teacher had called his child twice, and his school deskmate had been called at least twice in every class…That’s a big difference.The parent also said, for example, one of the most ridiculous, the teacher said, we come to invite this class did not answer the question of the students to say, the result called the child’s deskmate, that class already asked him twice.Parents think that this teacher, basically every class is always called within 5 people to turn around……Feel the teacher is not fair from the heart.In fact, in many cases, teachers ask children to ask questions in order to activate the classroom atmosphere. Online courses are different from offline courses. In the classroom, teachers can know who is listening and who is not listening at a glance.The online course is actually more boring than the offline course. In many cases, the teacher does not know who he is calling. He subconsciously tries to find a child who can talk and take the answer, of course, he should find a child who can talk.If from the concrete dig, a teacher said, after listening to this phenomenon, but can understand one or two.The teacher said:I can responsibly tell parents, anyone trying to be all things to do, and also less likely to take care of every student, the teacher’s question basic it is targeted, according to different students to the difficulty of the questions please answer, is generally ask students have the following several ways, one is to ask questions to outstanding students, students usually make this kind of answer some difficult point problem,The second is to let some students who are too good answer some simple questions to improve their confidence, and the third is to ask some students who are not focused, so that they always keep the state of listening to the class…”The teacher’s questions are definitely targeted.Of course, it does not exclude the possibility that the teacher may ask more questions to some students and less questions to some students or even few questions to some students.This is quite normal, for some students the teacher may feel that they have mastered it without asking questions, and for some students who are conscientious and disciplined, they don’t have to ask questions at all…If your child is seldom ask questions is not necessarily a bad thing, the teacher is a person, can’t do the drops of one class is forty minutes every student must do to questioning, so there is no need to tangle teacher asked a question whether your children, for the evaluation of a teacher, should see his knowledge level and personality education teaching ability,It’s not about whether you’re asking your kids questions in class.”In fact, for parents, this mood is also very understandable, because online class is not the same as in school, online class parents a lot of time is able to be around their children, this time parents always feel that their children are in class, and they are like an outsider in a hurry.If it is offline teaching in the school, parents can not see these phenomena, usually do not communicate with the teacher, do not know the child’s classroom performance, will not think much.Instead, online classes make parents feel engaged and frustrated.For teachers, experienced teachers basically have a preset for which students to answer questions, and whether it will help advance the course or inspire other students.Teacher-student interaction and student-student interaction must contribute to the achievement of teaching objectives.A class questions raise hands always that several people, if you call not raise your hand, no one to answer the question, this few minutes on the empty past, the new class is not over, this is also why the teacher always call several people’s reason.In the final analysis, the teacher teaching is a profession, in the eyes of the teacher a class, there are dozens of people in the listening, and in the eyes of some parents only their children in the listening.Do you think it’s unfair to be the teacher?Or are parents petty?Graph source network, intrusion deletion.We are looking forward to your attention, sharing and comments by reading interesting educational stories, sharing educational ideas and understanding subject knowledge