The shadow of the dispensable 9

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Clearly know the other party does not like me, but their total can not bear to refuse, always self-deceiving, deceiving himself that he is like me.Can the heart of the bitter, only their own know.After a complete recovery, Gong was as lively as ever.Then every time his imagination is rich, he can come up with something new, the place around all over the play, AND I followed him to have a good time.Time just slipped away in our casual, blink of an eye we have been out of work for 5 years, gong and I have been so without any pressure to get along.In the middle of the journey, he occasionally proposed to take me to meet his parents, but I refused all of them because I was not mentally prepared. I know that his disposition is hard to change, and I don’t know whether he is willing to refrain for me, which is probably the reason WHY I dare not face it all the time.One day, I was infatuated with playing the piano, immersed in the music, the bottom of the students suddenly some with fingers pointed to the door, I do not know what the situation, reluctantly stop playing in hand, as the students pointed to the past.She noticed that I was no longer playing the piano. She looked at me with her beautiful danfeng eyes. Our eyes met and neither of us avoided it.”Beauty, who are you looking for?”I asked.”Just looking for you, Miss Gao.””But I don’t seem to know you?”I wondered.’But I know who you are.I don’t know if it’s convenient for you now, let’s find a place to chat privately.””She said, looking askance at me.”Inconvenient, I’m afraid!I’m having a lesson right now.””I said sternly.”That I wait outside your class again chat!”‘All right!I continued to play the music I just played, so that every note flowed in the classroom, the students also held their breath and listened attentively.”Drip, drip, drip!The bell broke the harmony, which was particularly harsh.The students also woke up from the cacophony.The beauty outside the door, in anxious to pace up and down, until the students are all gone, she is quick step towards me, I also welcomed up.”Miss Gao, I am asked by president Bai, the mother of the Palace, to ask you to come to the White House and have a little get-together.Don’t refuse!Chairman Bai would like to consult you on an important matter.”Beauty plausibly way.My instinct of rejection, want to refuse, after a second thought, someone else’s mother has been put low posture sent to pick you up, you don’t give face also can’t say past.So I am very sorry to say: “SORRY!I can’t just go there dressed like this!May I go home and change my clothes for dinner?”I looked at the beauty sincerely.’Of course, I’ll take my leave. We’ll be waiting for you at White House. Sorry to bother you!'”Please!”I nodded, looking at her far back, in the heart of hesitation in the end is to go or not to go?In fact, I have no bottom in my heart, if marriage is just to go or not to go so simple, I am afraid there is no difficult to maintain marriage in the world.It’s the uncertainty of marriage that keeps people from moving forward.I think of myself as a “Cinderella”, to marry into a rich family, the variables are very big.First of all, it is not certain whether the rich and young can abide by the original agreement and maintain our love unswervingly.Secondly, the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is always an insurmountable gap, and I am not confident that I have the ability to get along harmoniously with Lady Bai, gong’s mother.Maybe I’m still walking on eggshells.Since childhood I was a submissive character, so encounter strong only to swallow.Can such an unequal relationship be sustained for long?I’m afraid it’s difficult.Third, when I have a conflict with his mother, gong chooses to side with me or his mother, and how to deal with the problem. These are difficult problems and there are variables.Unless I myself also strong, but in that case, that home can not be called home, every day is chicken fly dog jump, but also good?Don’t think so much first, go to dinner first, as the situation depends on it!When I got off work, I was busy with everything and arrived at their house, it was already more than 6 o ‘clock. This was my first visit to their house and I was not familiar with it. Gong was walking around outside the villa and immediately came to me when I got off the taxi.I could clearly see his eyes light up and he told me how beautiful THE dress I was wearing today. I smiled back and didn’t answer.In fact, I can not describe the anxiety in my heart, if it was just a meal, maybe better, but so grand, also specially sent to invite me, let me breathe.Take it as it comes.I don’t have to worry about that.Gong Yiyi introduced his parents to me, and I warmly shook hands with them and gave them my small gift.They looked at me with a smile, and The White lady asked east and west, where did I live?How’s your job?I answered them all.Her action, let me secretly chuckled, it turns out that women are the same species, whether you have money or not, you will still be interested in these gossip, especially to their future daughter-in-law.When we sat down at the table, looking at the full table of delicacies, I was dumbfounded, this rare delicacies in ordinary families, but also let me do not know how to start.Besides, I don’t know the etiquette of western food, and I was afraid that I made a mistake and made a joke, which didn’t make myself laughed at, and even more trouble palace.In my hesitation to do not move a knife and fork, sitting on the side of the palace saw my embarrassed forced, smiled to stick to my ear and whispered to me: “Don’t be inhibited, eat the dishes in front of you can!”I smiled and nodded back.At this time, his parents out of courtesy, asked me if I want to make some wine to drink, I quickly thanked, said I can not drink.During the meal, we all ate our own food in silence, and every now and then a servant brought us some new dishes, and I thought what a luxury it would be to add more to the table than we could eat.After dinner, the servant brought each of us a cup of tea, and we could sit on the sofa and chat easily again. His mother smiled and asked, “Xiao Gao, have you had enough?””Aunt, you are too kind!I’m not just full, am I?It’s gorgeous!””I complimented.When his mother heard this, her face broke into a flower.”If you like it!Welcome to eat it often!””Ok, auntie, that will bother you again!”I said sheepishly.One side of the father could not help but say: “How is that troublesome?We want to eat ourselves. It’s just another knife and fork.””Oh, by the way, Xiao Gao, when are you and Gong going to do it?””His mother asked suddenly.Suddenly asked this question, I was a little embarrassed, red face way: “Uncle aunt, we are still young!No hurry to get married!””Are you young?Gong Du is 27 years old, and you are 25 years old. If you were in the countryside, you would already be the parent of several children.In the city, people get married later, but you’re old enough for that.””His mother said anxiously.”This……I haven’t told my parents about it yet!I need their advice before I can make a decision.”I demurred.”Your parents’ opinion is only a reference. The important thing is whether you want it or not. If they say yes and you don’t, it doesn’t matter.Whether you want your house to be your partner for life is the most important thing.””Said his mother gravely.”That this I want to consider well, because his side always beauty ceaseless, let me very insecure sense of security, this change for any a woman all can’t bear.”I spoke directly of my worries.”I know you’re talking about all this. It was once, and he was young and naive, and he liked to play with this and that, but it was all for fun, not for real.Now that he’s older and more restrained, he once told me that he only sees you as his only girlfriend.So you can rest assured that he will be true to you.”Hearing what she said, I couldn’t say yes or no.”Uncle and aunt, I think we should be given more time. We should carefully consider marriage and not make a hasty decision. After all, it is a lifetime thing.I take it you wouldn’t want me to be careless with your son?”I said solemnly.They both nodded at the same time, “of course, that we still long-term plan, see the fate of you two, predestined to hand in hand, no we can not force.”Gong papa added.”Yes, whatever happens!”I agreed.”That I again diligently diligently, see the likelihood moves the beautiful woman’s sweet heart, embrace the beautiful woman directly return!”Miya joked nearby.I put my hand over my mouth and smiled, and so did his parents.When I was leaving, his mother pulled me aside and took out a big red envelope from her pocket, saying it was a gift for me. I was so scared that I immediately refused to accept such a big gift.While we were talking, his mother pretended to be unhappy and said, “Xiao Gao, are you too short?Aren’t you going to give your uncle and aunt all this honor?”I was too scared to speak. “How can it be too little?That……Then I’d rather obey!Thank you, aunt and uncle!”I bowed with my hands.There were big smiles on both of their faces.Pictures from the network, if there is infringement, please contact delete.