Rebuild the carport and warm the hearts of the people

2022-07-01 0 By

The carshed in front of building no. 23 of Beiyi Community has not been rebuilt since it was demolished. Residents’ electric cars and bicycles are aged and rusted due to the sun and rain, so they have to move their cars into the corridor.At the same time, the open space in front of the building also became a place for residents to pile up old furniture, old bicycles and sundries, which seriously affected the living environment.After learning of the situation, the Party secretary of Beiyi Community fully solicited the opinions of residents and actively applied to the streets for the reconstruction of the carshed of Building 23.Garden Road street to give full play to the leading role of party construction, immediately coordinate the property, developers to hold a joint construction meeting, for the new carshed specific matters, construction sites and other discussions and deliberations.After many efforts, the carport was successfully completed and officially opened.The newly built carport is strong and durable, generous and beautiful.In addition, the reasonable use of space separated from a table tennis room, rich residents of the amateur life.Recently, the residents of no.23 building of Beiyi Community organized spontaneously to send a banner to the street and the community respectively, thanking the street and the community for the practical measures of the people.Everyone said: “now with the new carport, parking is not only safe and convenient, the space in front of the building is also more beautiful.”