Not the same as the New Year’s Eve dinner on duty

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The Spring Festival, everywhere permeated with festive atmosphere aroused people’s homesickness, pulling the footsteps of countless people to go home, along with the rich New Year atmosphere, thousands of lights staged numerous long separation reunion.As the people in various ways to celebrate New Year, together with his family to watch the year of the tiger Spring Festival gala, enjoying the warm, sweet and delicious dinner, with good wishes for the future happy holidays, there is always a group of people, in their footsteps without ceasing, in order to protect thousands of peace, they quietly stuck in jobs and pay.Different New Year’s Eve dinner “Firecrackers in New Year’s Eve, spring breeze into the toso.Find Tong Tong, always put the new peach in old character.”It is also a New Year’s Eve festival, every family reunion, decorated, how many travelers home, wine and relatives, enjoy the sumptuous New Year’s Eve dinner.”Reunion” and “absence” are the “required answers” for the police every Spring Festival, and the answer is often the same.It is the duty of the traffic police to maintain the order of the road, and it is everyone’s responsibility to stick to their posts and protect safety during the festival.On New Year’s Eve, the kylin traffic police 6 township squadrons of all the people on duty, auxiliary police became the “family” with the reunion dinner, the police camp became the “home” to welcome the New Year.Early in the morning, the squadron was busy. Colleagues on duty in the squadron hung lanterns, pasted Spring Festival couplets, slaughtered chicken and fish, steamed rice and washed vegetables. The “chef” and “kitchen assistant” showed off their talents, braised chicken, sweet and sour fish, brine shrimp, hairy crab, cool belly thread, cold mix and earroot, beef fried celery, steamed ham, hot pot mixed soup…Everyone has no reservation of the skilled skills to show, in order to let stick to the cold colleagues eat a hot New Year’s Eve dinner, feel the warm friendship.As night falls, the road gradually calm, people are safe home and family reunion, the brothers and sisters on duty at the first line of rest assured back to their squadron, to meet them is the New Year beaming firecrackers and warm dinner.After the New Year’s Eve dinner a short reunion, night duty of the people, auxiliary police put on the clothes, hurriedly returned to their posts to continue to adhere to the road chang Ann is their biggest New Year wishes.On-the-job shou sui for our country in this year’s New Year’s eve much colder than normal, the township area temperatures have reached about 10 degrees below zero at night, in order to let the masses can safe home for the holiday, the squadron night duty comrades have arrive early and complete equipment, open warning light patrol patrol, unattended unattended, propaganda of the propaganda, we have a clear division of responsibilities, cooperate with the tacit understanding,Stick to the accident-prone section of the jurisdiction, build a solid road traffic “protection wall”.”Brother Wang, tell us what it means to stay up late in the cold night.””Well, LET me tell you something: Shou Sui is actually divided into northern and southern China, with different customs.In the south, the folk custom of staying up to the New Year is mainly reflected in the lighting of all houses, that is, the lights should be brightly lit, the family gets together, and the fire should not be extinguished, waiting for the moment of bidding farewell to the old year and ushering in the New Year.On New Year’s Eve, the lights will not go out all night, that is, “burning lights shine on the age” or “light the age of fire”, all the houses are lit by candles, but also specially lit at the bottom of the bed candles, it is said that after such light, will make the next year home wealth enrichment.In ancient times, the north shousui custom mainly for the eve of the eve, such as the Jin Dynasty Zhou chu’s “records of local conditions” said: New Year’s Eve we each phase and gift, called “feed”;Long and young gather huan, complete, called “points”;The whole year does not sleep, waiting for the dawn, said “shousui”.In some places, the whole family gets together on New Year’s Eve, eats the New Year’s Eve dinner, lights up candles or oil lamps, sits around the stove chatting, vigil all night, symbolizing to drive away all evil diseases and epidemics, looking forward to the New Year auspicious.””Oh, I understand, Brother Wang you see our police car lights are not you say” old fire “yao, we are also in the New Year, in this bitter wind on the road for the motherland, I really hope the COVID-19 virus was our guard run.Xiao Liu’s words like a needle of chicken blood, all the guys cheer up, in this cold night, in this light stick to the road line.New Year’s Eve is inheritance, protection and responsibility.In the lights of thousands of families, the word “peace” carries the persistence of generations of public security traffic police people.For most people, Spring Festival means reunion, joy and relaxation, while for them, it means busyness, responsibility and perseverance.A warm New Year’s Eve dinner of the police battalion made the feelings of the comrare-in-arms, although not relatives, become warmer and sublimated during this period, which greatly enhanced the cohesion, combat effectiveness and sense of belonging of the battalion civilian auxiliary police, and strengthened their professional beliefs and beliefs.Zhou Qingfang