Jiuyuan district four sets of main leaders condolences line staff

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On January 30, as the Lunar New Year of the Tiger approaches,Area mainly four sets of team leadership lian dong, liu xiaoping, Liu Shi, chun-xia zhang led baotou hetian jade deeply zhi-hui tian city environment management co., LTD., baotou city public security bureau traffic detachment jiuyuan traffic brigade jiuyuan district, baotou city public security bureau public security bureau of baotou jiuyuan fire rescue brigade healthy way fire rescue station, mau community and area COVID headquarters – 19 epidemic prevention and control work,Visit frontline staff, send them the warmth of the Party and the government, and extend New Year’s greetings to them.In Baotou Yuhetian Smart City Environmental Management Co., LTD., Lian Dong, secretary of the District Party Committee, on behalf of the District Party committee and the district government, thanked the front-line sanitation workers for their contributions in the past year’s urban creation and environmental governance, and wished them a happy New Year.Jiuyuan, he said, is the city’s first area to conduct sanitation marketization reform, hope the broad masses of the sanitation workers in the New Year, the spirit of selfless dedication, continue to carry forward loves the hillock professional into jiuyuan to environmental health management, various eyesores maintenance work, such as for jiuyuan shipshape contributions to the city’s image.On behalf of the District Committee and the district government, Lian Dong, on behalf of the District Committee and the District government, expressed his New Year’s greetings and sincere greetings to all the traffic police, public security police and fire fighters on the front line.We express our heartfelt thanks to them for their outstanding contributions made in the past year in creating urban health, urban traffic management, building a legal and business environment, maintaining stability through letters and visits, and safeguarding the lives and property of people in the areas under their jurisdiction. We pay tribute to them for their courage to bear hardships and dedication in fighting the cold and the hot weather, giving up their homes for everyone,We hope that they will continue to carry forward the fine tradition of not fearing hardship and having the courage to overcome any difficulties, earnestly practice the 16-word principle of “loyalty to the Party, strict discipline, going through fire and water, and dedication to the people”, stick to their posts and fulfill their duties, and continue to escort the economic and social development of the region.In financial community, lian dong on behalf of the district party committee government cadres to extend New Year greetings to the general community, thank them in the city news, epidemic prevention and control, such as grass-roots social governance has made outstanding contributions, hope the broad masses of community cadres in the New Year continue to full state of mind into the normalized and the city and the epidemic prevention and control work, such as fully display the responsibility consciousness, act as consciousness,We will do a solid job in community work and make greater contributions to regional economic and social development.In the COVID-19 prevention and control headquarters of the district, Lian Dong extended his New Year’s greetings and festive greetings to the staff who have been fighting on the front line, thanking them for their hard work during the epidemic prevention and control period.Headquarters, he said, is the epidemic prevention and control of the battle command center, hope the New Year we continue to carry forward fighting spirit, strictly to do against input, “bounce” each work, continue to grasp the real fine the normalized epidemic prevention and control work, maintain the epidemic prevention and control, to fully protect people’s life safety and body health.District leaders Li Qiong, Zhao Yongwen, Yang Libin, Shan Jie attended the condolence.Xin Yue, chief editor of Rong Media Center Photo: Zhang Mingxu, reporter of Rong Media Center