In 2022, “Yangcheng Sports Gathering” will solicit activities from the general public and sports social organizations

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In early January, the 2021 “Yangcheng Sports Gathering” summary meeting held by Guangzhou Sports Bureau and Guangzhou Sports Federation was successfully held in Tianhe Sports Center. It systematically summarized more than 120 national fitness events held throughout the year and put forward new hopes and requirements.Around the “people’s sports people do for the people, the people’s sports” principle, the development of 2022 “hui guangzhou movement will be further comprehensive combing existing events resources, during the Spring Festival to the general public and sports social organizations” I want to join the mass sports activity “and” I have good events project “two,Before February 25th, through the “Guangzhou Sports Federation” “group pass” wechat public account or scan the code to open the collection link, you can put forward your opinion, the new “Yangcheng Sports Club” what to play, how to play, all up to you!”National fitness, the government is responsible for”, the 2022 year, is the party’s two big but also in the winter Olympic Games, Asian games, provincial games, “yangcheng sports exchange” as the national fitness events in guangzhou and guangzhou world sports a beautiful card of city construction, will continue to in the New Year new vitality, hold more “run around people,Public opinion is a practical measure to achieve this goal.In order to keep close to the needs of the masses and track the trend of sports, the organizing committee will organize more opinion solicitation activities to evaluate the satisfaction of the activities carried out by the organization, and make efforts to promote the in-depth integration of national fitness and national health, so as to better meet the needs of the masses for high-quality life.