Bad news for Chinese snooker!The strongest pair of stars 3 1 win, Liang Wenbo anticlimactic, collective out?

2022-07-01 0 By

This morning, the winner group of the 2022 Snooker Champions League concluded the first day of competition, the Chinese team came to the bad news.TOP16 duo zhao xintong and yan bingtao only got 1 win in 3 matches, and liang wenbo, the former England open champion, also lost 2 in a row after winning the first match.In extreme cases, China will be eliminated from the final four and miss the championship in advance.After ding junhui dropped out of the TOP16 in the world rankings, the flag bearer of Chinese snooker has become zhao xintong and yan bingtao. The former has made a strong rise this season, winning the British championship and the German masters in 56 days in a row, jumping to no. 8 in the world and no. 1 in the single season.Yan bingtao holds a ranking champion and a Masters champion. He has reached the final of the German Masters this season, and has been in the top 4 of the competition twice. He is currently ranked 13th in the world and recognized as the strongest snooker after 2000.This champions League winner group clash, China’s strongest double star too slow heat.Zhao xintong only won one game in the first two games, defeated Higgins 1-3, and was swept by Bingham 3-0. In the third round of China Derby, zhao xintong edged Yan Bingtao 3-2 to get her first win.Yan bingtao beat Liang Wenbo 3-0 and lost all five sets with Bingham and Zhao xintong in the tiebreaker. His 1-2 record is the same as Zhao’s. If he wants to advance to the semifinals, he must win all of the group matches tonight.Liang wenbo is a member of the Chinese snooker 87 Trijie. At his peak, he reached the final of the UK Championship and won a ranking championship.Liang opened the tournament with scores of 83 and 66, beating Donaldson 3-0. Then he suffered a power failure and was beaten 3-0 by Yan Bingtao in the Derby. In the third round, he scored 60 points twice to level the score, only to lose 100 points in the decider.Chinese army 3 record for all 1-2, promotion prospects are extremely dangerous, looking forward to their strong rebound in the game tonight, the impact of the year of the Tiger first crown, come on.