Yangjiang urgent reminder!New additions were reported in many places

2022-06-30 0 By

..In recent days, shenzhen, Yunfu, Huizhou, Meizhou and Heyuan have reported new local confirmed cases or asymptomatic infections.At present, the epidemic is still spreading abroad, and new local cases have been reported in many places in China. In addition, the flow of people is more frequent during the Spring Festival. In order to prevent and control the epidemic in Our city, Yangjiang CDC urgently reminds the public:1. Those who have traveled to or returned from Yunfu city, Huizhou City, Meizhou City and Heyuan city since January 30, 2022, those who have traveled to or returned from Shenzhen city since January 17, 2022, and those who have traveled to the affected cities in the recent 14 days.Please report to your community (village), work unit or hotel as soon as possible, and cooperate with quarantine screening, nucleic acid testing and other epidemic prevention and control measures.2. People from outside the city (returning) are encouraged to take a nucleic acid test on their arrival and observe themselves for 14 days to do a good job in health monitoring.Third, during the Spring Festival, reduce visiting relatives and friends, gather less, do not gather together, adhere to wearing masks, wash hands frequently, clean frequently, use chopsticks and other good living habits.Source: Yangjiang Health