Spring Festival peace road Gushi traffic police guard

2022-06-30 0 By

Elephant news henan Radio and TELEVISION station reporter Xin Peng correspondent Zhu Shigang thriving Chinese year, every family orchestra circle.In the annual Spring Festival reunion days, there is such a group of people, still silently stick to the post, give up the small family for everyone, protecting thousands of families home, safe road —- they are gushi traffic police.The Spring Festival is not only the day of national people’s reunion, but also the centralized test of road traffic safety management.To effectively resolve the problem of traffic flow change, guarantee the gushi county road traffic flow during the Spring Festival, gushi, the traffic police careful deployment, planning ahead of time, start the emergency preplans for traffic management and make them on-the-job office, all the forces on the pavement, hold the key parts, ShuDu bao chang, go all out on maintaining the order of gushi county road traffic during the Spring Festival,Strengthen the patrol and control of key road sections, key periods, as well as scenic spots, supermarkets, hospitals and other crowded and crowded areas, strengthen the guidance, and strictly investigate serious traffic violations such as drunk driving and driving on the wrong side of the road.At the same time, early dredging and diversion will be carried out to avoid large area and long-term road congestion and ensure orderly passage of vehicles and pedestrians.Strengthen the patrol control of the road section, carry out timely rectification of disorderly parking vehicles, effectively improve the road capacity, and ensure the smooth and orderly road traffic under the jurisdiction.Period, the gushi county police also by “two micro a shake”, SMS platform, all kinds of WeChat group, their circle of friends, the issue of road traffic safety tips, warn broad traffic participants during the Spring Festival travel notes, guide the broad masses of traffic participants travel be careful driving, reasonable choose travel time and travel route, put an end to all kinds of traffic violations, obey the traffic police command,Be a safe and civilized traffic participant.Adherence is the most silent company, adherence is the longest confession of love.During the Spring Festival, regardless of the rural roads, or in the gushi county area, there are busy gushi traffic police everywhere figure, they with loyalty, responsibility, hard work, for the masses to celebrate the New Year to create a good road traffic environment!Without complaint, they fought in the first line of dredging and protecting, only looking forward to family reunion, but wish the road smooth people!