Shaanxi TV’s silk Road Spring Festival Gala 2022: “Harmony” as the string, singing the beauty of cultural integration

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The caravans and camel bells on diplomatic missions to the Western Regions have linked the ancient and modern silk Roads for thousands of years.Real scene and scene overlay painting, outline the dreamlike “hexi corridor dream”.A does not have lasting appeal of the silk road symphony with Chinese and foreign music fusion of different style and voices on the silk road, “lanling king into the array” in one hundred the drum out of resonance with the pipa produce a hammering, dome in the eaves, the silk road, the 360 – degree panoramic stage to the audience at home and abroad were immersed in the legend of the silk road culture and charm.Many netizens have praised the “excellent stage”, “the first time TO see the scene of 100 people playing drums” and “Shaanxi TV’s Silk Road Gala is too hard”.On The first day of the Chinese New Year (February 1), Shaanxi TV premiered the 2022 Silk Road Spring Festival Gala on Shaanxi TV.After five years of innovation since 2017, the cultural brand effect of Silk Road Spring Festival Gala has gradually emerged.Shaanxi Radio and Television Rong Media Group (Taiwan) takes the international dissemination of Chinese culture as the incision-through the Silk Road cultural theme party, brings the global audience to share the wonderful “beauty of their own, beauty and harmony”.The Ancient and modern Silk Road carries the fine traditional Chinese culture that has been passed down for thousands of years. As an important channel for international communication and telling Chinese stories, the Spring Festival Gala of the Silk Road is expected to receive more expectations.The silk road Spring Festival gala of this year is a high-level features the theme of the party, on the creation of a multilateral force, the party shall be formulated by the State Council Information Office, state administration of radio, TV guide, Chinese redbud culture group, held by shaanxi province people’s government press office, shaanxi radio and television media group (Taiwan), intercontinental center, phoenix TV host,It is co-organized by, Shenzhen Radio, Film and Television Group, Hainan Radio and Television Group (Group), and supported by Shaanxi Provincial Radio and Television Bureau.Xi ‘an is the starting point of the ancient Silk Road and an important fulcrum of the Belt and Road Initiative. It has natural advantages in disseminating fine traditional Chinese culture and telling Chinese stories well.Starting from Xi ‘an, shaanxi Radio and Television Rong Media Group (Taiwan) integrates different cultures from home and abroad, innovates artistic expression, and creates a theme party with cultural characteristics for the global audience during the Spring Festival.Spanning thousands of miles and lasting for thousands of years, the Ancient Silk Road has embodied the Silk Road spirit of peace and cooperation, openness and inclusiveness, mutual learning and mutual benefit in the new era.To carry forward the Silk Road spirit is to promote mutual learning among civilizations.Therefore, this year’s Silk Road Gala also demonstrates greater cultural tolerance.Return to Chang ‘an with the song and dance dream of Chang ‘an Order, observe the beauty of Dunhuang murals and ancient wind in Feitian Jiyue, and listen to the cultural journey of a piece of tea in The Tea Ceremony…Cultures of different histories and regions have become intermingled with each other.While taking into account regional culture, the gala highlights the core of integration and symbiosis.The opening song “Silk Road Symphony” is a vivid expression of multicultural integration and symbiosis.The program ADAPTS and connects three classic songs from China, Japan and Greece describing the Silk Road, and integrates “symphony + chorus + Interpretation of Silk Road characters” and other diversified expressions, presenting the audience with a grand picture of the Silk Road spanning ancient and modern times.Under the integration of Chinese and foreign cultures, the international and youthful expression opens up a new look of national fashion on the Silk Road, highlighting the confidence of contemporary culture.”Wanli Tea Ceremony” combines Chinese folk music and world music elements to tell the story of the ancient Tea horse road;”The Song of The King of Lanling Entering the Army” was performed with drum, pipa and other traditional Chinese instrumental music to create a magnificent scene;The original song and dance Millennium integrates ethnic Musical Instruments and M-pop music style, taking the audience through the ancient and modern times and touching the millennia-old Silk Road culture in the fusion of east and west.In recent years, Shaanxi Radio, Film and Television Rong Media Group (Taiwan) has promoted the in-depth development of media integration based on strategic transformation and presented new features in the process of constructing new mainstream media.Based on the in-depth digging of Shaanxi cultural IP, a series of media products that spread Traditional Chinese culture, including 2021 Silk Road Spring Festival Gala and Send You Chang ‘an, have many highlights.The Silk Road Spring Festival Gala is another positive practice of platform reform and upgrading and enhancing international communication capacity building.While extending the idea of theme party creation and integration, Shaanxi Radio and Television Rong Media Group (Taiwan) also focuses on building a big publicity pattern in promoting media integration.While broadcast on Shaanxi TV, the party was also broadcast on the whole network and multiple platforms, and cooperated with wuzhou Communication Center and other institutions to expand external communication.During the Spring Festival, the gala was broadcast on 12 overseas TV stations and media platforms on five continents, including Kirin TV in the United States, Propiello TV in the United Kingdom, Kordia TV in New Zealand, Tianhe TV in Australia, and Daifu TV in Japan, telling Chinese stories in the new era to global audiences and promoting Chinese culture to go global.Multi-terminal, cross-media and trans-national, Chinese stories on the Silk Road spread more widely through the Spring Festival Gala, and interweave different rhythms and convey common emotions through the world language of music.In the shape of “Harmony”, the innovative stage space of the Silk Road Spring Festival Gala also builds a different “harmony road” for domestic and foreign audiences — the combination of ancient Chinese elements of the dome eaves and winding and undulating flowing ribbon to form a “harmony”, highlighting the meaning of win-win cooperation and symbiosis of harmony.With the international music language and stage as the “link”, the Silk Road Spring Festival Gala connects culture and artistic expression, showing the tolerance and integration of silk Road culture, and with the rendering power and appeal of artistic expression, across regions and borders, to stimulate more emotional resonance.Along the Silk Road, the scene of ethnic exchanges and ethnic integration has been recorded in history.The Silk Road story is still happening today.Shaanxi Radio And Television Rong Media Group (Taiwan) integrates the Silk Road culture, interprets the spirit of the Silk Road, presents the vivid scene of the Silk Road with the help of the variety show, embraces innovation with an open mind, and actively expands the capacity of international communication construction.The Silk Road Spring Festival Gala vividly explains The Chinese story, making the surging sound of the Silk Road symphony in “harmony”, and also making the culture spread into the mind and heart.