Ren Yanshun conducted research on the work of cultural sacrifices and epidemic prevention and control around Tomb-sweeping Day

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On April 3, Ren Yanshun, director of the Department of Civil Affairs of Gansu Province, led the responsible comrades of relevant departments in charge of the province, to our district on the qingming Festival before and after the civilized worship and epidemic prevention and control work research.Ren Yanshun line successively came to lanzhou chengguan longfeng garden cemetery and evergreen garden cemetery, the field to understand the epidemic prevention and control during the service process, the martyrs of civilization, security and other key link, the GongMu District introduced various forms of free martyrs service platform, cloud sacrifice, valet, yellow ribbon remarks, convenient service for the ceremony.He pointed out that the service of the masses can not be done with a single knife, can not be done with a close, do not refuse to do three “telephone does not refuse, online does not refuse, the scene does not refuse”, love to serve the masses in order to get the people’s understanding and praise.Ren yanshun stressed that funeral work is related to thousands of families, we should actively change the way of thinking, heart to love to serve the people, to do everything possible to improve the level of funeral services, and constantly meet the needs of the people in the new era of funeral services.All localities should give top priority to epidemic prevention and control and the realization of “civilized mourning and safe Qingming festival”, and strictly implement measures such as on-site code scanning registration, body temperature monitoring and wearing of masks.It is necessary to do a good job in pre-management and control of the flow of sacrificial personnel, and strengthen dynamic monitoring and early warning of sacrificial flow.Strengthen safety management, strengthen the tomb area and surrounding fire safety;We should take advantage of the tomb-sweeping Day to increase the publicity of funeral policies for the benefit of the people;The guard at tombs should be strengthened to ensure that all work is done carefully and effectively to ensure the safety, stability and order of epidemic prevention and control and memorial services during tomb-sweeping Day.Urban departments responsible for comrade accompanying survey.(Correspondent Yang Qingchun)