Manchester United rental demon king was scolded after two assists, active sliding tackle defense!Here are his instructions for good use

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“Marcel has to do more for us,” lopetegui said after the French striker was substituted early after an unimpressive debut at Sevilla.As it turns out, Marco was the one to blame and immediately raised his level of optimism, scoring two assists on his home debut as Sevilla beat Elche 2-0 to trail Real by three points with a game more to play.Martial, wearing the number 22 shirt on his first appearance at the Pizjuan stadium, looked positive in the second half as he crossed the ball to team-mate Papu Gomez, who cut inside the left and scored low at the close corner.The goal was a far-fetched assist from Martial, who simply handed the ball to his team-mate and gomez’s individual ability did the rest.It was not to be said that Martial was to no avail, as united’s demon King charged forward before Gomez’s goal, hindering defenders who would otherwise have blocked gomez’s shot.Moving to assist his teammates, rather than standing and watching the ball, was martial’s first improvement of the game.Martial’s second was an out-and-out assist, catching the ball offside down the left flank and heading in rafa Mill to seal the win for Sevilla.Although it was a high volley, it was a rare cross for United’s Demon King to cross with his left foot, as he used to take the ball and cut inside, using his right foot.Of course, as many people are well aware, Marcel’s talent is not in doubt. What he lacks is attitude and spirit.In this game, the last round was criticized by the coach ma changchang apparently changed the style, in addition to the attack will run, defense even contributed 2 tackles, tied for the second team!If Marchal can maintain this positive attitude, even if the performance is not ideal, at least he will not be scolded.Indeed, martial was a player who needed to be prodded during his time at United, and his best performance came during jose Mourinho’s second year in charge, when he was competing with Marcus rashford to start on the left wing.Born in sorrow, dead in peace, is probably the best “instruction” to use a good Marcel.There will be no chance for Martial to slack off during his loan spell, dubbed “factory manager’s job” by United fans, as sevilla boss Clair Lopetegui has made it clear that the key is not where he plays, but how hard he works.Lopetegui explained: “In the case of Marcel, I think he can adapt to different roles, he can play in the centre, behind the left wing or the strikers. It is important to have him in the right position, but I think it is more important that he plays, the key is that he has to be full in every position.”If Sevilla can get Martial up to par, united will benefit, even if the new manager does not like the French striker, at least he can sell him for a better price.