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This article is transferred from: Liang Anli, Weifang Evening News: although the epidemic has reduced the reunion between relatives and friends, it has made us who should be busy, stop to feel the temperature of home, let us deeply feel the huge energy that family brings us.Prevention and control of the epidemic is inseparable from the efforts of every family, from the volunteers at the gate of the community to the medical staff who travel day and night.May the epidemic end as soon as possible, and let those who are working hard at the front go home as soon as possible!Single literature: “people, without things, do not grow.Heart, not hurt, not strong.”Life is not easy, growth is the best.This spring the epidemic merciless, but inspired residents to stick together to keep the sense of order.In the face of the epidemic, unite as one.Everywhere you can see the money, money, energy and moving action.Difficulties and hardships, Yu Yu cheng, muddy trekking, waiting for flowers.