Closed-loop transport can be performed for residents who go out for medical treatment after reporting, and 120 patients with acute and critical diseases can be transferred

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Shanghai has explicitly required medical institutions not to lock up if it is not necessary. During this round of screening, how do you guarantee the medical needs of residents in the lock-up area?Who else has access to the containment area?Can there be medical needs between Pudong and Puxi?Today at 9 am, at 136th COVID – 19 epidemic prevention and control of Shanghai press conference, says WuJingLei, director of the municipal WeiJianWei has set a work plan, specifically for medical institutions to ensure the smooth of the emergency green channel, fever clinics, hemodialysis, intensive, obstetrics, pediatrics, radiation and chemotherapy and other key services department and patients admitted in court.The designated medical institutions in each district form a counterpart relationship with the corresponding streets and towns to provide emergency medical services for the residents in each street and town. The designated medical institutions designate special personnel to answer the calls for medical treatment, and publicize them to the society to smooth the channels for medical treatment.Residents and non-critically ill patients who really need to go out for medical treatment shall report to community control staff and then the street, town and village committees shall arrange special vehicles for closed-loop transport of the patients to designated medical institutions.For critically ill patients, the street, town or village committee can contact “120” emergency vehicle for transfer. Patients or their family members can also dial “120” by themselves, and the emergency center will send vehicles to meet the medical needs of critically ill patients.Medical personnel, epidemic prevention personnel, public security police, takeaway delivery personnel, etc. who are required by their work shall travel normally with their work cards or certificates issued by their work units.As for the problem of cross-district medical treatment between Pudong and Puxi, it is generally suggested to solve the problem within the closed control area. In special cases, the community can assist in closed-loop transfer to the required medical institution.(Xinmin Evening News reporter Zuo Yan)