2-0!Tang jiali won again, tottenham women’s football team up to 3, or a chance to challenge for the championship

2022-06-30 0 By

After the end of the Women’s Asian Cup, The core of The Chinese women’s football team Tang Jiali also returned to Tottenham women’s football team for the first time.Tottenham beat Birmingham City 2-0 with two second-half goals in the 15th round of the Women’s Premier League.Tottenham women moved up to third place with a game in hand on 27 points after their victory.It can be said that Tang still has hope to help the team compete for the championship.This match, because Tang Jiali just played Asian Cup, Spurs women’s football manager is also very considerate, and did not arrange her to start, but to give her enough time to rest!Due to the presence of some Chinese fans, in the final stages of the game, Tottenham won 2-0, the manager also replaced Tang Jiali.And just won the Asian Cup champion, she also instantly became the focus of the game.When the referee blew the whistle to end the game, there are now female fans with jerseys to ask For Tang’s signature.On the day of the match, it was raining heavily, and Tang was very patient to sign her name for the fans.From this small detail, the women’s soccer girl for her fans, or very patient.Tottenham’s victory was a reminder that they had won two league games in a row.The team trails leaders Arsenal women by seven points and Chelsea women by five with a game in hand.The difference for Tottenham, there is still a chance of title contention.At present, Tottenham women’s football team in the remaining matches, there are Arsenal and Chelsea these two strong teams, if the two strong dialogue, Tottenham women’s football team can successfully beat the opponent, there is no doubt that they have a very hopeful impact on the championship.Tang Is now the core player of Tottenham Women’s football team. With her gradual recovery of physical fitness and more and more understanding of her teammates, I believe that she can bring more wonderful goals to the fans in the following matches.Tottenham’s next game will not be played until March, so for Tang, the next period of time is a good opportunity to rest and train.