Wearing protective clothing, Hong Kong police officers take on new challenges in the face of COVID-19

2022-06-29 0 By

Hong Kong, February 15 (China News Service) — The fifth wave of COVID-19 is threatening Hong Kong, and the city is gearing up to fight the disease.Apart from medical staff, police officers are also playing a key role in the epidemic prevention efforts, from assisting in case tracing to containment operations.In an interview with China News Service recently, Lam Chi-wai, chairman of the Hong Kong Police Officers’ Rank and file Association, said that protecting the lives of Hong Kong citizens is the core and most basic job of the police.In fact, since early 2020 epidemic outbreaks in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong SAR government police force had all involved in resistance to disease, including according to the “mask” the poly limit law enforcement, the search space and investigation and prosecution in violation of relevant laws, to participate in the enclosed inspection operations, to assist the case tracking and maintain inspection center order, etc.It is learnt that there are now two case tracing offices in Hong Kong with more than 400 staff, mostly from the disciplined services.Speaking at a press conference earlier this month, The Secretary for Food and Health of the Hong Kong SAR Government, Chan Shiu-shi, said the two tracing offices had successfully assisted in tracing more than 31,000 contacts so far.More than 10,000 serving and retired disciplined services officers have also been trained to draw on their extensive investigative experience to assist in epidemiological investigations and contact tracing.There is no doubt that these jobs expose police officers to a high risk of infection. “We work at all levels of high risk, in different situations, in different events, and often have access to the Novel Coronavirus.”When an officer is required to undergo mandatory testing, the two or three days of waiting for a negative result can exacerbate the strain on the front line.Even so, Lin said, “we have to exhaust our resources to continue the fight during this difficult period.”As the fifth wave of the epidemic is raging, it is touching that many retired police officers have volunteered to join the anti-epidemic team.Mr Lam remembered that when kwai Chung Estate was suddenly infected by a large scale around the Chinese New Year, about 300 retired disciplined services officers gave up their family reunion and volunteered to help. “Although they are not serving police officers, they all remain true to their original intention of being police officers and continue to walk out when Hong Kong is in crisis,” he said.Lin zhiwei was deeply moved.A spokesman for the Police Force said in a post on its social networking website that as part of the HKSAR Government’s anti-epidemic team, the Force and other departments are committed to protecting people’s health and safeguarding public health safety day and night.The Force is confident that with the support of the Central Government, the efforts of the HKSAR Government and the co-operation of the public, Hong Kong will overcome the fifth wave of the epidemic.In the past three years, Hong Kong police officers have hardly had a chance to catch their breath in the wake of the “law revision storm” and the subsequent impact of the epidemic.The threat has shifted from napalm bombs and knives to the novel coronavirus, which is highly contagious, but they have never flintered, putting on protective suits and working tirelessly on the front lines.”Protecting the lives of Hong Kong people is the core and most basic of our duties as police officers.”Like quelling social unrest, Lin said the police also have the determination and confidence to defeat the epidemic.(after)