The automatic doffing robot developed by Xinji Shenghong Spinning factory has won the national patent

2022-06-29 0 By

In order to better meet the needs of spinning work, Xinshi Xiaoxinzhuang Town Shenghong spinning factory independently developed an automatic doffer robot, and obtained the national patent, so that automatic doffer replaced the traditional manual doffer, effectively improve production efficiency.In the spinning mill workshop, automatic doffing robot has become a bright scenery line, I saw a doffer push machine, there is already prepared yarn atc machine, automatic doffing robot will produce good yarn side, while the atc on, step by step forward steadily, and a few minutes on the time frame of yarn will all fall out.Due to the high labor intensity of doffing workers, high doffing technical requirements and high workshop temperature, the spinning factory is very short of doffing workers, resulting in low output, high production cost and chaotic production management of the spinning factory.In order to solve the actual difficulties of the spinning factory, Shenghong spinning factory general manager Cheng Yingxuan and the factory technical staff for many times of consultation, idea, independent research and development of automatic dopper robot.Shenghong Spinning factory general manager Cheng Yingxuan said:”After using the automatic doffing robot with two people, a class cut in half, and improves the work efficiency, the original fall a car (frame), need from six to seven minutes now falls a car (frame) only need 4 minutes, end breakage rate is quite low, breakage eight, a car break if artificial fall in 15 or so a car break.”It is understood that the automatic doffing robot developed by Shenghong Spinning factory has the characteristics of fast doffing speed, low end breaking rate, not affected by temperature and humidity, and low price. The use of autonomous doffing robot greatly reduces the labor intensity and production cost of workers, improves labor efficiency and the profit space of spinning factory.The convenient and fast autonomous doffer robots have attracted weaving factories all over the country to order. Up to now, Shenghong Spinning factory has sold more than 50 automatic doffer robots.The use of autonomous doff-doff-robot has significantly improved the production efficiency of the spinning factory. At present, the annual yarn output of Shenghong spinning factory can reach 1300 tons, and the annual output value is about 15 million yuan.”The next step is to expand production capacity and absorb surplus labor from the surrounding villages to provide some jobs for people and create some economic income,” said Cheng Yingxuan, general manager of shenghong Spinning Mill.