Shanghai and Guangdong war Li Chunjiang lost an important helper, master and apprentice duel Du Feng to win again, the rate of the team back to the top four

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CBA in the second stage is coming to an end, the team will also usher in the second stage of the war games, after go home New Year’s day, for each team must have wanted to play the game in a good year, in the battle of MSC Shanghai yue war is worth watching the game, is more a game of suspense, which is the most exciting game,The game for both sides are missing, the Shanghai team currently ranked second in the CBA league, if in Shanghai and guangdong war lose the game, ranking probably would have dropped to the third or fourth, the fifth guangdong must be spell force rivals to win again, so that the team will keep the impact at the end of the second phase the fourth hope, return to the first group.Shanghai yue before war is nothing, there is no point, are almost one-sided situation, starting from this season, because of the CBA won the championship coach spring river at most in the history of Shanghai, the Shanghai team to a very high level, the Shanghai team has realized the qualitative leap, even though the two teams in the first round of the contest, the Shanghai team lost the game,But then the Shanghai team began to rebound, winning a wave of wave after wave, the team’s tactical players are also more and more familiar with, with more and more tacit understanding, this Guangdong and Shanghai meet again, can be said to be a lot of points.First is the spring river and Du Feng between teacher and pupil, the two are the CBA’s top coaches in the league, also have a championship at most two coach (despite the coach of the rockets don’t say before), two people is also teacher also friends, Du Feng guidance once claimed that spring river was his eldest brother, on many occasions the both sides met again, Du Feng is certainly don’t want to lose the game,First, this match is too important for Guangdong, but also want to prove themselves in front of the teacher again. As the saying goes, the waves behind the Yangtze River push the waves before, and each generation is stronger than the previous one. If we can beat Li Chunjiang again, it will be the best report to the teacher.The second point is that brand in fact is the same as the two hands, spring river inside zhelin wang, Du Feng yi jianlian, two were once the main center of the national team, but the difference is some difference between the two people age, yi jianlian is just back from injury, zhelin wang is still inside the top, from the point score zhelin wang is averaging 17.5 points this season,8.5 rebounds last season and were little changed in the attachment, yi jianlian this season, averaging 16.7 points and 8.2 rebounds, two people, even the playing time is also a basic similar, frontline Shanghai for liu, but blue white, Ren Junwei, guangdong Vince, Ren Junfei, strength, back in guangdong have Hu Mingxuan, Jeff, Shanghai Guo Haowen, Yuan Tangwen,Luo Hanchen, in all respects, the two teams are neck and neck.But according to the latest news, the sharks had very bad news, according to the five-star sports reports, Shanghai central defender Guo Haowen unfortunate sprained left knee in the round, expected may rest for four to five weeks, there is no doubt that it is a bad news for the Shanghai team, is a big blow for spring river,Guo Hao text can get 14.6 PPG last season, is visiting the back of the brain, absence of the injured Guo Haowen, will make the spring river and Du Feng against the loss of one of the biggest helper, this is likely to lead to Shanghai team lost to guangdong again, if in the battle of MSC guangdong win, metal loss to BeiKong, guangdong will likely to return to the fourth,Who do you think will win, Shanghai or Guangdong?Welcome to talk?!