Putian’s output value of new energy has exceeded 30 billion yuan

2022-06-29 0 By

According to fujian Daily, On January 26, the reporter learned from the Development and Reform Commission of Putian City that in 2021, the new energy industry in Putian city will achieve the industrial output value of 32.335 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 20%.In recent years, putian city, according to the National Development and Reform Commission, bureau of energy about the support to create a new energy industry innovation demonstration zone approval, focusing on solar photovoltaic (pv) the whole industrial chain, makes the collection research and development design, production, development, integrated innovation and the integration of scenery storage demonstration application of the leading new energy industry innovation demonstration area in the country.It is worth mentioning that photovoltaic and wind power projects have been completed and put into operation in new energy industry segments in Putian city, making outstanding contributions to the overall output value.Take wind power as an example. At present, the total installed capacity of the city exceeds 2 million kw, accounting for more than one third of the province.(Reporter Lin Jianbo)