Just after the “day of war” between Russia and Ukraine, Zelensky defected to the Russian side overnight.Historic defeat for the United States

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Recently, the US and the West have been hyping up Russia’s “imminent invasion” of Ukraine, and even gave February 16 as a specific “date of war”.In Russia’s view, the West’s move was “hysterical” and groundless.When February 16 came, all was quiet, and the terrible things described in the United States had not happened.Presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov said he “slept well” that night and “started the day calmly” in the morning.Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said Tuesday that she hoped bloomberg, The New York Times, the Sun and other British and American media that publish “fake news” would publish the timetable of Russia’s next invasion “so as to” arrange a holiday “.However, the “information terrorism” of the West did not stop. Just after the “day of war” between Russia and Ukraine ended, the United States used another rhetoric to exaggerate the tense atmosphere.’We see no sign of a de-escalation,’ said State Department spokeswoman Price. ‘There is no abating of concern.’Russia’s Defense Ministry announced On Thursday that some troops returning from military exercises in Crimea have begun to return to their posts. Western countries in the US have expressed doubts about this and even asked Russia for “proof”.U.S. President Joe Biden also said the withdrawal was “not verified,” that an “invasion of Ukraine” was still possible, and that Americans should follow previous orders to leave the country.Ukrainians are deeply unhappy with the atmosphere of war that America is trying to create.Local media commented that the US, THE UK and other countries are providing military support to Ukraine while sparing no effort to provoke a war, and at the same time leaving the country in a big way. It is confusing whether they are helping people in need or kicking them into the hole.Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky also fell to the Russian side overnight, accusing the United States of unjust practices.Recently, Zelensky called it a “huge mistake” for the Us and other Western countries to withdraw their diplomatic staff from the Ukrainian capital, and called on relevant media to provide evidence on “Russia’s invasion of Ukraine”.Zelensky also said Ukraine wanted a diplomatic solution and declared February 16 as a day of solidarity.America’s international reputation is in tatters in a historic defeat.UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres issued a statement saying there was no place for inflammatory rhetoric.Public statements should be aimed at easing tensions, not inflaming them.