“I’ve waited so long for this gold medal!”A shoemaker’s daughter who scavenged trash from childhood became an Olympic champion and won a million dollars!

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Chinese team Wu Dajing, Ren Ziwei, Fan Kecin, Qu Chunyu and Zhang Yuting won the first gold medal of the Beijing Winter Olympics at home in the men’s and women’s 2,000m mixed short-track speed skating relay final at the Beijing Winter Olympics on Sunday night.Fan Kexin, a veteran of three Olympic dynasties, said in front of the camera, “Every day when we ice, we have blood in our throat. In the national team for 12 years, I thank my teammates and coaches. This moment, everything is worth it!””I’ve waited so long for this gold medal!”At this moment, her tears moved countless people…And in fan Kexin’s tears, covered with poverty, pain, adhere to, for the Heilongjiang Qitaihe short track speed skating star, this moment really come too late……In 1993, Fan Kexin was born in Buri County.When she was just in primary school, the family lost money because of business and had to go to Qitaihe to go to relatives.”We left her brother at home to go to school, and the three of us came to Qitaihe with only 300 yuan. We spent 130 yuan to rent a room of 6 square meters of iron. I don’t know anything else, but I have some skills in repairing shoes.Speaking of the past, Fan shizhong said that the dumplings at the beginning of the year were brought by kind-hearted neighbors.”It was hard at that time, sorry boy!”He said.Fan Kexin parents although difficult conditions, parents or nature active can be new into the dance class.Just one week of study, the class charged 150 yuan for clothing.She went to her mother and told her that she did not like dancing and that she should never learn to dance again.A neighbor aunt can see the new long emaciated, said to the new mother: “the stadium every day there is a group of children in training, I do not know what to do, it is better to let the new to see it.”The aunt with the new stadium, is met short track speed skating coach Ma Qingzhong with the team training.Coach Ma can run a new run, jump, feel very good physical condition, agreed to accept the new.But xin, happy and worried, looked up and asked Coach Ma: “How much does the tuition cost?”Coach Ma smiled and said, “If you train hard, I won’t take money!”From then on, can be new every morning 4 o ‘clock get up training.Go home and have breakfast before going out to school.”One night, I give can new underwear, found that can new arms, legs knock black and blue, feet have a few scuffed skin knots scab, some places have fester.”Nie Guiling said, “Girl, let’s not practice anymore. It’s too painful!””No!No!I want to practice!”But the new side shouted while getting into bed, no longer let mother see.”I don’t have to ask you to get up.Some children went to 5 o ‘clock, even under the ice in advance, but the new said, mom I slide a few more laps, 3 laps 5 laps 10 laps……Just want to practice more.”Nie Guiling spoke of new childhood training as if yesterday.”I have classes from 1 to 3 p.m., practice from 3 to 5 p.m., catch up on lessons, go home for dinner at 6 p.m., and go to bed.Year after year, just keep doing it.”Coach Ma Qingzhong, the champion of 02 scrap collection, was as good as his word, not only did not charge tuition fees, but also spent 150 yuan to buy a second-hand skater for Kexin.Since then, she has begun a grueling training career: she gets up at 4am to train, goes home for breakfast, and then goes to school.If fate makes you stop at the bottom, it means that you can only go up.Year after year, Kexin grew up in the hard training.In the spring of 2003, Harbin coach Meng Qingyu went to Qitaihe to select team members.When standing long jump, the new one can hear the result and cry, Coach Meng asked: “Ah, what are you crying for?”But new wipe tears to say: “just measuring ruler of the teacher measured wrong, I jumped than he measured far, I usually jump quite far.”Coach Meng smiled: “Come, give you another chance, this time the standard I also take you away.”Fan Kexin full strength, crossed the standard line, “I said I can jump, just is the wrong amount.”In this way, Harbin ice base can be newly obtained the entrance ticket.The daughter was about to go to the provincial capital for training, but the new parents were worried. They were so poor that they could hardly bring out decent clothes.Over the years, Kexin often accompanied her mother to pick up trash on her way from school. What she wore was the pants her mother picked up from the scrap yard, washed and mended again…But wearing the trousers she found in the dustbin, she won the first place in the national short track speed skating competition for primary school students in 500 meters, 1000 meters and technical skating.In the end, it was her neighbors who learned of her difficulties and raised the cost of learning, insurance, equipment and so on.Later, xiao Kexin gradually understood that good ice skating can enter the snow and ice school, and then into the provincial team, the national team, can represent the country to participate in the world competition, won the gold medal not only for the glory of the country, but also get a bonus to improve the living conditions of the family, no longer let parents so hard……She gritted her teeth and tried her best. The path seemed to be clear, but fate played a joke on her again.In January 2008, at the 11th National Winter Games held in Qiqihar city, Fan Kexin, who had been placed in great hope by coaches, got nothing.During that time, Fan Kexin often felt dizzy and weak, and she always felt that her legs could not exert themselves in normal training. However, she never mentioned this to her coach and family, but kept on training and participating in competitions with her teeth.When he returned to Qitaihe during the holidays, Fan kexin could not even climb the stairs.Her mother took her to several major hospitals in the city, all diagnosed as anemia, but could not find out the specific cause.Doctors repeatedly told fan Kexin’s current physical condition, she must not train again, her parents also advised her not to return to the team training.Fan Kexin (second from left) and her family at the age of one.She held on to the door frame, forced her father to ride on her neck, did a few squats, and then asked him to carry a bag of rice.Everyone said no, but the new bite teeth said, in the team at ordinary times training than this much heavier!Put on rice bag, but the new just do two squat up, a fall on the ground.In the gloomy semi-basement, 15 square meters are filled with tools and materials for repairing shoes and bicycles.My brother, who graduated from junior high school, also came to my parents, and a family of four people lived and ate here.Parents can new help to bed, advised her to recuperate at home, never back to the team skating.At this point, both husband and wife understood, but neither of them wanted to say: if you immediately go to the big city to see a doctor, where can you borrow the money?But the new begged her parents: “I must insist on skating, skating for so many years, if I give up halfway this life is over, and the national youth team has been sent to the coach there, I will be able to enter the national team, I also want to win the gold medal…”But the new father had no choice but to call her first coach Ma Qingzhong.Coach Ma rushed to the basement, but the new mother has cried speechless, can hide in the bathroom, crying while mumbling: “I want to slide, I must slide.”Coach Ma asked the situation, immediately took out the phone to contact the train ticket to the provincial capital that night, contact Harbin acquaintances to find the best hospital.Fan Kexin was diagnosed with severe adolescent iron deficiency anemia, which has a lot to do with her long-term malnutrition and overload training.After the treatment returned to Qitaihe, Fan Kexin was coach Ma received his home, with drug treatment and tonic food.In 2009, Fan returned to the provincial team to train and was selected to the national youth team that year.In Qitaihe, Fan Kexin also has a godfather, Bu Hua, and a godmother, Sun Ling.”In those days, I was working in an industrial and commercial office on the street where Fan Kexin lives. I once went to her father’s shoe shop and saw that Xiao Ke’s new home was very shabby. She and her parents lived in a semi-basement.Sun Ling recalled when she first got to know the family. Seeing how poor the family was, she said, she tried her best to apply for a license exemption for her father’s shoe shop.Fan kexin’s parents and their little granddaughter “Her biggest advantage is that she can endure hardship and has perseverance, which is difficult for ordinary people to do.I thought I had to find a way to help her and not give up the sport because of family difficulties.”Sun ling said she went home and discussed with her husband, Bu Hua, and decided to squeeze 100 yuan out of their limited salary every month to support her.In 2006, but the new godmother Sun Ling and sun Ling in the industrial and commercial institute colleagues for Fan Kexin put together the study, insurance, equipment and other costs, fan Kexin for the first time has his new ice knife.Soon enough, in 2010, fan kexin was officially called up to the national team at the age of 17.In the same year, she and her teammates Zhou Yang, Liu Qiuhong and Zhang Hui won the gold medal in the women’s 3000m relay at the Montreal Short track Speed Skating World Cup, becoming the world champion.”The boy is not at all proud.Well-educated parents, modest, filial, very careful thinking, low-key.”Sun Ling said that fan kexin’s personality has not changed since he became famous, and they are always proud of him!In 2010, Fan Kexin officially entered the National short track speed skating team and became a teammate with fellow countrymen Wang Meng and Sun Linlin.After entering the national team, Fan Kexin always had an unyielding spirit. When she saw who had a high technical level, she would humbly ask for advice. At the same time, she was also good at summarizing, and every time she summarized the results of the problems, she would write them down and study them carefully.Just entered the national team, all around the top short-track master, Fan Kexin found his gap is too big.Especially in strength training, the big team squat training weight of more than 100 kilograms, but the new weight can only 50 kilograms.The senior player squatted at a 90 degree Angle for 5 minutes, while she could only squat for 1 minute.Fan Kexin heart very anxious, pressure is particularly big.She gritted her teeth and continued to increase her training intensity. Under the careful guidance of her coach, she made rapid progress.In February 2015, Fan Kexin won the women’s 500-meter gold medal at the Short track Speed Skating World Cup in Turkey.In the 2014/15 season, she won the women’s 500m World Cup championship.On March 12, 2016, she won the women’s 500-meter final of the Short track Speed Skating World Championships.On March 12, 2017, Fan Kexin overcame the difficulty of starting from the outmost lane to win the gold medal in 43.605 seconds at the World Championships. Fan kexin won the gold medal for China in the women’s 500m at the World Championships.Top athletes, fight to the end is faith.At the age of 29, Fan Kexin overcame injury and pressure to stand tough in the Third Winter Olympics.Standing on the podium, watching the five-star red flag rising, the woman who has always been resolute as loose as tears, she said, “I have been waiting for this gold medal for a long time, I will always believe in the team, from the day I entered the national team, I will always believe in my teammates, believe in the strength of the team.I have been with the national team for 12 years and first of all I want to thank the country.We practice every day to fight, ice when the throat is full of blood.At this moment, I feel all our efforts are worth it!”Finally, I would like to borrow a paragraph fan Kexin once wrote: “It is a slight wound with swollen bones, and it is not the battlefield of the line of fire.Every shot is important. Every shot is your best shot.Spell, is never said, work is the hard truth!”Editor: Wu Jinjiao Responsible Editor: Ren Quan Illustrated: Political affairs, Beiguo Melon, Heilongjiang Daily (Correspondent: Qin Cunguang, Yuan Xiaoling, Reporter: Pan Hongyu)