For qiaodong enterprises, the resumption of work and production shall be reported to the enterprise service platform

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At the beginning of the New Year, enterprises resumed work and production one after another. In the face of the wave of return to work, qiaodong Street in Huicheng District has taken precise measures and improved services to promote the orderly resumption of work and production of all kinds of enterprises, and the “first lesson” of epidemic prevention and control before the resumption of work and production of enterprises.”Does our enterprise have the employee from other places to return to benefit?Have nucleic acid tests been done?”Destination streets by door-to-door visits, issued a letter “to the enterprise” and so on a variety of forms, actively promote the prevention and control work requirements and the epidemic prevention knowledge, initiative jurisdiction enterprise in the process of return to work and production to all the staff of dynamic screen, material reserve and environmental disinfection work, to improve the recognition of the importance of enterprise for the current epidemic prevention work,We will resolutely prevent careless and fluke thinking and ensure scientific and reasonable arrangements for the resumption of work and production.Letter to Qiaodong Enterprise dear Business owner,According to the huizhou staff guidance on the safe and orderly to return you back “, the city COVID – 19 pandemic control leading group office “about ready to (return) notice of hui people healthy management (HuiCheng epidemic prevention it 12) requirements, the enterprises should make preparations for epidemic prevention and control of relevant, to ensure safe return to work and production enterprises.Virus ruthless people love, win-win enterprise at heart, the guidance, combining the superior return to work and production related enterprises destination street offices in the development of enterprises, employee health as a starting point, to inform letter, please refer to relevant to return to work rehabilitation guidance improve disease prevention and control measures, to ensure the safe and smooth return to work and production enterprises.All enterprises should strengthen the management of returning personnel, and their employees should take nucleic acid tests before returning to work.A nucleic acid test shall be conducted for those who have not left Hui before returning to work.The returnees should take nucleic acid tests with two tests in three days;Employees with travel history (red code or yellow code) in high-risk areas should immediately register and report to their villages (communities), truthfully provide relevant information, and implement relevant prevention and control measures as required before returning to their posts.Implementing epidemic Prevention and Control Measures Enterprises earnestly fulfill their primary responsibility for epidemic prevention and control and actively supervise epidemic prevention and control work.The company shall monitor the temperature of employees, conduct nucleic acid detection and inspection, and eliminate public areas.Enterprises should stock up on epidemic prevention materials, adhere to the principle of “reserving supplies rather than using them, and not having any if they are not needed”, and stock up on disposable surgical masks, thermometers, protective suits, alcohol and disinfectant to enhance their ability to respond to emergencies.Iii. Reporting on epidemic prevention and control Enterprises shall report their epidemic prevention and control preparations to qiaodong Sub-district Office in a timely manner, and only after verification by qiaodong Sub-district Office can they resume work and production.Report the inspection and registration form of enterprise resumption of work and production management through qiaodong Enterprise service platform.Procedure: 1. Search “Qiaodong Enterprise Service Platform” on wechat or scan the qr code below, register and log in to the platform with your mobile phone number and verification code, and get relevant notification in time.2. After login, open the micro official website and choose “Service Dynamics” — “Qiaodong Enterprise Resume management” 3.Fill in the report according to the content reported.Those who fail to report, conceal or falsely report their travel and residence history or contact history, or refuse to implement relevant control measures, thus causing the spread of the epidemic or the risk of the spread of the epidemic, will be investigated for legal responsibility according to the Law on the Prevention and Treatment of Infectious Diseases, Law on Punishment for Public Security Administration and other relevant laws and regulations.Qiaodong Sub-district Office of The People’s Government of Huicheng District, Huizhou City February 8, 2022 Source: Huizhou Toutiao Huizhou Newspaper, Full media reporter Xie Jingjing, Special correspondent Chen Shaoju, Correspondent Lin Xiaona, Chen Lina