Beijing media officially confirmed!Wuhan football ushered in good news, the winter window king flower fell wuhan three towns

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Beijing time April 9, 16:00, The latest news of Chinese football, Beijing media “Beijing Youth daily” said that Wuhan three towns introduced the new foreign aid Stanqiu is expected to become the winter window champion, this news for Wuhan football is obviously good news.Beijing Youth Daily wrote: “The CSL transfer window opened on March 15 and closed on April 15, and the transfer market remained calm until April 8.In terms of foreign aid, the promotion of wuhan three towns official declared Stanqiu, Wallace, Davidson three foreign aid, among which the transfer fee of 4 million euros stanqiu is expected to become the winter window champion.From the passage we can see the Beijing youth daily, the Chinese super league this season transfer window will close, because in the past two years the football association has repeatedly compression under the condition of the Chinese super league team spending, control player salaries, teams signings dynamics and in previous years, already, of course, the teams of capital position is less common, so each team is unable to transfer.Three towns of wuhan as a super power, however, the team has been stable operation, money is in good condition, so the three towns of wuhan in the transfer market this year to become the most beautiful a scenery line, the team introduced three foreign aid is not only a considerable strength, and Stan hill has become the winter window, with a net worth of 4 million euros, the winter transfer window has spent three towns of wuhan,For wuhan football and the development of Hubei football is obviously good news, as if playing a tonic.But can not face the reality is that nearly two years the introduction of foreign aid in the super league, has been a year than a year, the shenzhen team last season to spend 6 million European introduction of gold, and is the pillar wang last season, but gold, have to leave for a variety of reasons, and in the Chinese super league player can’t walk out, under the condition of big foreign aid into not to come, China football is struggling.