Watch the winter Olympic Games, go to the market and eat delicious food…We invite you to participate in the Winter Olympic Carnival

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People will experience horsemanship at the Xiamen Sports Winter Olympic Carnival.(File photo) There will be wonderful sports performances at the event site.(File photo) Scan for sports tickets to cheer for China during the Winter Olympics, visit the market to experience the Winter Olympics projects, grab discounts to enjoy attractive food…Are you tempted by such activities?At 11am today, xiamen Sports Winter Olympics Carnival sponsored by the Municipal Bureau of Sports will be launched at wuyi Culture Square.This is the key supporting activities of the second Xiamen Sports Consumption and Life Festival, inviting citizens to celebrate the Winter Olympics with passion and to the future together.The carnival will run from 11 am to 5 PM on February 11-13 and 18-20, organizers said.Activities are set up in the winter Olympics grandstand, winter Olympics grand Garden, sports market three modules.Organizers said the event aims to create a “good atmosphere of welcoming, knowing and loving the Winter Olympics” in Xiamen.In the grandstand of the Winter Olympics, citizens can not only watch the wonderful events of the Winter Olympics in real time through the LED screen of the Wuyi Cultural Square, but also enjoy sports performances, rope skipping series, and participate in the interactive games and lottery interaction.For the winter Olympics grand Park module, the organizers have prepared a wealth of sports experience for the public friends. The public can try out land curling, land ice hockey, equestrian, roller skating kart, etc., and they can stretch their muscles and gain happiness during the watching games.The Winter Olympics market, as the name implies, is to let you enjoy the “buy buy, eat eat”.Dozens of sports brands, including Xtep, Nike, Adidas and Yonex, provide citizens with sports experience, products and services.Dozens of well-known local restaurant brands in Xiamen will offer surprise food discounts to the public, so that everyone can exercise well and eat beautifully.It is worth mentioning that, in order to promote sports consumption and build a national sports consumption pilot city, at 11 o ‘clock this morning, the organizers will issue millions of sports coupons through the “Ai sports” mini program. Citizens can search the “Ai sports” mini program on wechat to grab tickets!